Thursday, June 30, 2005

I salute those who.....

apologize readily; not because they are afraid of conflicts, but because they are ready to face up to what they have not done well in, and to show humility. I seriously am not a person like this, even as I used to be; but I'd try to work towards that. It really is not easy to admit your wrongs, so to MyFren whom I talked to just now, I really respect you for your willingness and readiness to even say the word "sorry", and I can feel that you are sincere. Anyway third round of Shao's picts =) These come under the album locks. Locks what I dunno. Acknowledgements first, By courtesy of Mokster aka mok mok or shao shao Now you see me. Now you dont~ There's something about birdies that they dunno...... To still the waters within...... Ballard, so he calls it Hey Jude, dun make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better.... I like this pretty much I LOVE the colored one. With Microsoft office just beside, does this look like your xp wallpaper?
Recently I expressed my "not so good" feelings to my fren in hope of resolving it since I reckon that if I keep quiet, I would most probably just bury the feelings. Though buried, they are still present and may pose as barriers to being genuine in the friendship. So I told him how I feel about him always being on busy mode on MSN and putting people off, and of cos about some other related issues since he was in "some" position (what position I shall refrain from elaborating). And he replied me that he understands fully what I am saying and the busyness is something he noticed as well. Afterwhich he said he is trying to adjust, but sadly, he REALLY cant afford to give time to all. He told me that, of cos to some people, he gives of his time and which means he gives his time selectively. Which I guess is in a way telling me also that I am not one of those he has chosen to give time to. I dunno why I didnt feel very good after hearing from him. I examined my heart and I know I dun have special feelings for him; special feelings in terms of those BGR kind. I guess I didnt feel too good, maybe because, I felt -- rejected. Hmmm, very possible I feel. It's like, I considered this fren somebody whom I can talk to, and I reali wun mind telling him thgs when I have trouble etc, sadly, it is not mutual. I am just not one of those chosen ones of him. But it's ok, I told myself. But do I really mean it? Will I still feel some things the next time I see this fren? Things like, oh, I wun wanna talk so much to him anymore. Or the lost of trust as a yep, leader. Will I? Also, I am thinking about this thing of busyness. Is busyness a good thing or a bad one? [Hey come on, I am not depressed, dun determine how I am feeling or how exactly I am feeling when you did not talk to me also.]


Getting off the bum to do something is indeed fulfilling. Washed my clothes etc etc and I feel so useful now! Anyway 2nd round of picts from mok mok's site =) Acknowledgement again. Good to see shao acting stupid He took these at where again? Oh, San Juan Island.... I like the splatters of rain A drive to nowhere The bench seemed to come out from nowhere. Yeah, nowhere again. Cute fellas Lighthouse, the name of my cell group as well! Many photographers like shots as such. I dun. The blue is pretty nice though. Waiting for you~

No Work and I am feeling...

......extremely lazy, like EXTREMELY. There are shitloads (eh very unrefined leh you) of clothes to wash, but I just dun feel like doin much. Liansi's coming tonight (like finally) for keyboard lesson which means I have to tidy up my room a bit (actually there's not much packing to do also, just a lil) but yeah, I feel like lazing around. Must be bcos I am getting too fat, I prob should try exercising a lil later. Couldnt get off my bum to go Chua Chu Kang (the thought of Chua Chu Kang makes me a lil dizzy) to develop my photos. I feel sorry for mama bcos she has been asking me many times to go develop so that she can look at the Korean picts -- and show off to her frens. Anyway, retreat and Philippines picts also still inside. Tuesday la huh? Have been wating to post picts from Shao's and Justina's multiply site. I tell you, these people are good man, they bother to upload their photos onto the net (even though the process is super simple). Anyway, decided to post Shao's first since Justina's are picts from the retreat which I also have (after I develop, that is) and I can post them altogether. Here are a few (I decided a few bcos I shd waste my time no more...) picts from Shao's: A pict of the author. He looks fat in this photo, but HE IS DEFINITELY NOT! A sunset pict Sunset over the U district (I dunno where's that) A U2 concert he went to. Rock on~ Rooster and friends. Happy forever.

Thats the prob with tag board

If you bothered to see, I actually evolved and now there is Tian the second, there is my clone, and guess what, I found a twin too! Yeah, I think its just one of those bo liao frens of mine. Anyway, you can treat them as me. Never mind. I shall call myself Superstar Tian.

A happy and very satisfactory going out =)

Haha, I'd add, surprisingly, today's going out was really quite nice. hehe.... Maybe it was the weather, which was drizzling that dampened my mood a lil; maybe it was the fact that I need to wake up from my beauty sleep to prepare to go meet xiao mi to go Little India; maybe it was because....maybe it was because....................., that I didnt expect too much from the going out, like "oh, just go out lor...." ANYWAY, TODAY WAS REALLY VERY ENJOYABLE! =) It all started from when I saw xiao mi as I was alighting at Little India. Got so qiao or not? haha...he was just nice waiting at the train door I was at. Small thing it was, still, it was like something quite fun, and I started to feel, erm ya... happy, haha, limited vocabulary. Oh, anyway it drizzled and we decided to walk down from Mustafa along the streets. I saw nice things along the way and basically just looked around. All these can be fun, surprisingly. Cracking stupid jokes along the way I guess and having someone to ask "eh, u think this is nice or "that is nice?". It does make a difference, when you feel your friend is paying attention to what you say, as in, like showing interest. Basic requirement as a genuine friend, maybe. Finally, we reached the Little India Arcade and thats the place that is more fun i.e. more things to shop even though I bought nothing. The only things I bought today are 5 packs of Maggi curry flavor mee (highly recommended by xiao mi) which cost me $1.90 from Mustafa. By the way, they are different from those you see at NTUC. Passed by these few wooden furniture shops near the arcade and was SO fascinated by the carvings, the patterns etc of the furniture. Saw a chair and dressing table that I nearly drooled in front of. I love them! Anyway, I embarassed myself today when the Indian shopkeeper tricked me with a box that has a hidden "snake". Ya la, he asked me to open a "magic box", so I thought what, just slide open the opening and simultaneously, a black thing jumped out onto my finger, and as usual, I let out a shriek which apparently the shopkeeper and his friend found VERY amusing and laughed like they havent laughed for some time...haha, ya la. Anyway the furniture is SOooooooo nice. Should have taken some pictures but my silly camera rewind when its only 32 shots taken. Xiao mi refused to go shop around anymore after some time cos he say he jia suan. wah lau!!! So we sat down at Jollybean and had fresh soy milk, $1.20 each. Good time talking though. Had dinner (yep, Mighui came at 7+) at this A.B. Mohamed restaurant since we decided we are too poor to eat at more posh ones. Had chicken bryani, all 3 of us. Oh, Mustafa is so nice. We went to both the "high class" and "low class" one. They both were nice. I saw nice hair clips, very nice orangy hippo suitcase, big maglite, vidal sasson hairdryer which intrigued me alot and etc etc. Minghui and xiao mi had their fair share looking at watches, I joined in the fun too, haha...even though I cant imagine myself spending like 300 bucks on a watch. Anyway, I love all the perfume testing at the "highclass" mustafa. Nobody to push me around and yep.......they all smell so nice. I wanna smell Eternity moment but both the mustafas dun have tester for that. Anna Sui's good. CK summer is so refreshing but the both of them say its smelly. Of cos not forgetting my favorite Tommy girl! Kenzo flower's disappointing, this teaches us to always try out the scent first before buying. Good thing I didnt buy. So this rounds up my happy today basically....haha....I couldnt help but write them all down. =) cos today was a happy day =) Anyway, something that I saw at hougang mrt today when on my way to meet xiao mi varying heights seats placed in random manner palm prints Been to Hougang MRT for a few times but didnt notice these. According to the poster which explains why these are present (yeah I was too free), they are to make the station feel like one that is friendly and homely. The varying heights seats help create a casual mood, which I really agree. They look interesting really. And the palm prints are from residents who stay at Hougang and people who helped built the station. From all walks of life, and all age groups, the station belongs to all. One thing that I remembered about the palm prints is that they say they deliberately kept the prints anonymous, so that people can go round to discover "that" particular palm print that has been destined to fit ours perfectly. SO emo.... So wat happens even if we found that one which fits ours? ************************ I think the very fact that we will review a sms again and again, shows really how much we love the other party.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I am going to little India again, yay! =)

Yep, today's gonna be a busy day. I'm going to fill it up with things to do. Going to Chua Chu Kang to develop photo and then to little India with xiao mi and meeting MH at night to have dinner. I hope we'll have a good time even though I am feeling quite tired and sick. Well, it should be good. I just made quite a major decision. I hope it is good too. =)

Children's pride.

Today, just before I was going to knock off, a parent came in and asked why the daughter was taking such a long time, and the teacher explained etc etc. Not long after, I joined in the conversation as well since they are discussing about Chinese, and since I am kinda in charge of that language. SO the teacher say, and the parent say, I say and the child was sitting in the middle of us, struggling to do her work. The parent commented that his child is really slower than normal children and needs to be under medication that kinda thing. Anyway, he repeated this quite a few times and concluded that he really hoped we can help his kid. I didnt think much until later my boss told me that the kid looked sad when we were in the conversation.... It really didnt cross my mind that kids too understand what people are saying of them, and many times they may feel hurt too, even though they may be only, 7 years old. Today at home, mama also urged me to love my cousins more since they really come from a broken family. And many times kids from broken families have different experiences than normal ones and require extra care and love, at least thats what my mum said as she told me what happened the other day when my cousin talked abt her "step-dad"... Yup.....Need to really be thinking about all these.....

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So annoying...

Actually, if you have nothing better to tag, then dun tag.....

Monday, June 27, 2005

At this juncture

VERY LUAN.............VERY VERY. Decisions. decisions......
The special ed school AIDS hoo-hah. No, I dun hate Singapore. I just feel people here are sometimes too sheltered and at many times, they might think they are the best in the world. Anyway this news made me frowned a lil at the responses of some people. Yup, Singapore will still be my home always though I hope Singaporeans' attitude can change for the better. Oh, anyway this real cool site. I might most probably visit it one day. Cool! =D

CP - Community Penetration

It is very encouraging when residents respond to CP. I mean, like what chai heng say, we have been doing CP for like, 3 years? And during these 3 years, really, even if that is that ONE soul that is saved, it's all worth the effort. There was this resident who asked for our names and told us that he felt thankful to us to go to his place every now and then to give him flyers and to tell him this and that etc. This is how he said it: "Thank you very much -- REALLY." =) I told Chai Heng, those who add a "really" after their statements are normally those who REALLY mean it. I dunno la, it works for me, and for many others. So, CP does has its rewards, just that sometimes we havent seen it yet... =)

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Why isit that people will say "Hi" to u on MSN and when you say "Hi" back, they say nothing else? So awkward! Why are some people ALWAYS on busy mode on msn. It puts other people off definitely. It's like telling ppl "Hey pls dun talk to me. Forever and always." WhY dO So1\/1E p3oPLe lIke tO TyPe LiKe tHaT? Why is it that some like to go yeah yeah like yeeeyay...yeeyay and cheers all day like they are some ang mohs? Why do some youngsters not feel anything when they are so poor in Mandarin; in some cases proud of it even? Why do some people feel that they are the prettiest or the most handsome being in the whole universe? Why is there no humility in their dictionary? Why do some people behave like they are some good o soul out there? Why do they feel that they know it all? Why are we so defensive? Why do we like to hear praises so much? Why do we not like to hear criticisms, especially those which are against us? Why are we naturally biased? Why do we like attention? Why do we have the inner need to be loved? Why is sex so casual in many people's eyes? Why is there ever pornography? Why do we not need to learn how to lie and be angry? Why do people not stream in late when they watch movies but do so when they go for a church service? Why do relationships turn sour? Why are some people warm and cold towards you? Why are they not consistent? Why do people like to litter? Why do people not flush after they shit? Why will we grow fat? Why are cockroaches so ugly?

Friday, June 24, 2005

I am like that...

I really love to buy things. I buy and I buy even though I am trying hard to "control" nowadays. Saw this online just now and Really feel like buying nay (say it like a Korean woman).... Creative Zen Neeon - The Charisma of -- ZEN super cool ey? shiok. The storage size aint too big too like just nice for me. Costs $329? Yep it's more affordable compared to like ipod mini. But still it's a sum of money la. I will consider hard. haha...even if I wanna buy, that'll be some months later. And the next thing I wanna buy! Kenzo Flower!! =D haha...enough said. I saw it at a very affordable price at the famous AMK Tomato shop. Soon soon, wait for me! =)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

boooooo hoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

My heart shaped cactus died!!!! The two hearts joined together heart shaped cactus died! can they do this to me??? it just withered. Have you seen a cactus wither? sad sad... CRUELTY SHALL PAY ITS PRICE!!! I am mad..... =(

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


haha, I am back from Korea to this land where I call my home (haha, as if there's nothing better to say). Anyway, the title means "How are you" in Korea. They always use this to greet people. =) These few days in Korea still okay. It's still best to come back home...haha, a lil tired and not talking sense, so may as well post picts. In a nutshell, the feeling that Korea gives me is "white" -- white color. We took lotsa picts by the way, and some I havent developed, some I will need to upload again. These picts are taken by my video cam and uploading is very easy, therefore I am posting them now (like, huh? say so much for wat.....) shot of papa and mama when when on our way to Korea on the Asiana Airways (Korea airline). All the people sitting around us are actually in the same tour group as us, though then we dunno them yet. The air stewardess will dress like chamber maids when they serve you meals and beverages, but yet another more professional uniform when they are not doing so. Interesting. Talking about flights, just now we had a lil "adventure" on the plane. Ok la, the first time I'm experiencing such things so I call it an adventure. The plane was nearing Singapore and before the time came when all are required to sit quietly in their seats and wait for landing, I quickly head for the ladies. So I do my business, and I do my business. And I finished and I stood up. SUDDENLY, the most li hai shake I ever experienced on a plane ride occured. I was practically thrown towards the door and before I can stand up, I was thrown to the back again with a loud thud. Really lah, I am not exaggerating; at least for this time, I am not. All the toothbrushes and cups flew out and dropped to the floor. The plane was like going up and left and right and down and all. I was quite scared as I havent flushed and I was praying that my urine will not splash all over me. Also, I barely dressed myself and I was afraid that the door will open and I will be seen half-dressed. Ok lah, cut the crap, but at that moment I really was quite scared. I was imagining the thing that most would imagine, that is, is it time for me to die? Is the plane going to crash? Am I going to take my last breath soon? Am I going to be one of those featured on TV news on plane crash? The turbulence was really jialat lah. I REALLY AM NOT EXAGGERATING. The air stewardess, according to my bro, quickly squat down and "took cover", with their heads in between their knees. Well trained indeed. When I finally managed to button my pants and come out, the turbulence was over. Ya la, it lasted only approximately 20 seconds, but long enough to scare anyone to think that he or she will surely die. The view at our third hotel at Seoul, Itaewon street. yes, there's a church just opposite. =) Churches can be quite frequently seen in Korea. The street downstairs Some of the snacks that I bought: The snacks in Korea have cute packagings. And basically their snacks dun make you feel you are eating something unhealthy. The taste is not too salty. The tour guide say this is a good brand for Korean instant noodles. So-so only, in my point of view. I boiled hotdogs to eat with the noodles. Even the hotdogs are so well packaged. Comes with mustard sauce too =) I thought this is coffee, but it turned out to be something like Yakult or diluted yoghurt. such a cute bottle for strawberry milk Almost every food vendor in Korea that needs to use milk, uses this brand. Very very nice tasting. And then others: The fan, helps me lots on days that were hot. "Garfield and sheepo are best friends!" I bought these at Everland, Korea's biggest theme park, owned by Samsung. Imatation wannabe. Bought these at the Itaewon street, just downstairs the hotel. socks. What else. Socks are popular items to sell. Almost every other stall at Itaewon sells socks of all sorts. lip gloss and eyeshadow. Bought these at the second shopping spot 明洞, which they say is like Singapore's Orchard Road. Nice place really (will post picts later), but things are really expensive. A casino we visited gives free sanitary pads. You dont have to pay 40 cents like in Singapore when you need it at the casino. Of cos, thats only for the casino. Toilets in Korea dun go around giving free sanitary pads. By the way, I realise other countries' pads are so much more nicer than Singapore's. MAkes the person using it happier. cheap cheap shades I bought at 东大门 , which they say leads the trend of Korea fashion. I kinda regret not buying the VERY NICE AND SPECIAL imitation wallet I saw there. Well, dun think too much, it's an item of the world....haha.... 自我安慰 last but not least, a pict of myself, haha....I thot I look better with make up *************** I am horrified when I logged into blogger just awhile ago and saw one of the drop down list as "f**ker". As if that's not enough, there's still a f**ker567. Subsequently, a wave of nausea swept over me and I fainted for 1 min and 2 seconds. Who in the world uses my comp and has a username as erm, u noe??? Anyway, speaking of that term. I dun really understand why people like to use terms like "I'm so f***ing pissed, f***ing disgusted, anyway they F here and F there, F all around, to express the measure of how disgusted, pissed, happy etc they are. Why cant they use wrds like very, extremely, absolutely, absolutely, acutely, amply, astonishingly, awfully, certainly, considerably, cruel, dearly, decidedly, deeply, eminently, emphatically, exaggeratedly, exceedingly, excessively, extensively, extraordinarily, extremely, greatly, highly, incredibly, indispensably, largely, notably, noticeably, particularly, positively, powerfully, pressingly, pretty, prodigiously, profoundly, really, remarkably, substantially, superlatively, surpassingly, surprisingly, terribly, truly, uncommonly, unusually, vastly, wonderfully......................... see, SO MANY! Why must people worship the F word leh? hmmmm..... Fame is evil. I can feel the "ill sensation" nearing....

Saturday, June 18, 2005

korean, Korean, all kOrEAn!

Someone help me please! Wah, this browser is operated fully in Korean, the web pages are translated directly to Korean. Wah lau....good thing I know roughly which tab to click.. Here at a rural part of korea and we basically spent like 6 hours today travelling. - ___-" Haha, feeling full after the dinner so decided to come out and take a walk. Happened to walk past this internet place and I paid 1000won to use the internet for 20mins.... So called first day in Korea, still very much tired since we didnt really sleep last night. Anyway I feel the trip has been a lil sian till now. Haha, now I know I dun really adore sightseeing, especially sceneries which you feel you can see in like, Genting. Then why pay to Korea and see..... The best thing that has happened from I stepped out of my house till now is to watch the Bridget Jones Diary on the plane. I was totally amused by the movie and couldnt control laughing out loud. Anyway looking forward to going back to Seoul, then can, you know, shop!!!!! Tomorrow's program also like quite sian. Go sightseeing at some mountain then go to some temple and temple and temple.... Weather here is ok, beginning of summer so still a bit cool from the spring season. We have been eating steamboat alike thing for two meals. Not too nice. 8 mins left to surf. Going down to the supermarket liao...Oh, things here are quite expensive but the packaging is pretty nice. But I think Japan will be even more stylo.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Good and bad things

I'm the guru of forgetfulness. It is just this moment that I see that something, but also the next moment that I COMPLETELY forgot what happened just now except the vague impression that I held that thing, and in this case my eyeshadow. Anyway, forgetfulness is not the point. My point is I LOVE MY EYESHADOW SO MUCH!!! Haha, I wonder what can be able to replace it. When I first thought I lost my make-up kit, I bought a Hello Kitty eyeshadow to replace it, and it looks darn ugly on me. the ugly Hello Kitty eyeshadow I was elated when I found my original eyeshadow!!! the one & the only. Yup, wanna buy back the same one, but seem not to be able to see this brand around. Anyways, Tianmin and I saw quite nice eyeshadows, and I might just want to get them soon. ******************** TheInterview has ended and I felt quite disappointed at how things went. The interviewer passed one comment to tell me that I MAY not be very suitable for the job scope and I perfectly understand why she say that. Still, I told her I will try my very best. After walking out from TheCompany, I was kinda in a daze, thinking that most probably I wont get in that kinda thg and blah blah blah So on the bus, I was still in a daze, closing my eyes and trying to tell myself to not worry but really to pray lor etc etc etc. Then soon, I reached my house's bus stop and I opened my bag and wanted to take out my ez link card. I glanced listlessly into my bag trying to locate my ez link card, and, TO MY HORROR, I SAW THE SECURITY PASS STILL IN MY BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEARLY FAINTED. Yup, because before you can go into TheCompany, you have to use your identification card to exchange for this pass in order to pass the gate, and becos I lost my *ahem*, I used my passport. Wah, who noes........................ I guess I was in too much a daze to remember to exchange back my passport. I felt so mad with myself that I actually felt like swearing out loud. Was still thinking like can finally go home and eat my lunch cos really hungry, who noes such things happened!!! I actually contemplated whether I should go home and eat first then come out and go to TheCompany again.... Anyway, I dragged my feet and took a bus back to TheComany again. On my way, (after praying) I called tianmin and told her how frustrated I was. I mean it's good la, really, felt happier after talking to her. She always makes me laugh. Though bad things happen, good things happen too. One of those good things is the talk with Tianmin bcos she made me laughed. haha ok la... The second good thing is, bcos I brought a wallet without money out (I dunno why) and my ez link card bcame some minus value after my last tap. I have like 1.80 of coins though. For one trip to TheCompany, I need at least a dollar if I pay by cash, which means to and fro is 2 bucks. But I only have 1.80. In the end, I decided I will pay 80cents for 1 trip and one dollar for the other. Haiz. already exasperated when I realised I forgot abt my passport and now no money even. The good thing that happened was, when I reach my stop (TheCompany's stop), I came down from the top deck to the door, and saw the ticket checker or whatever you call him downstairs. And he just finished checking the last passenger downstairs and was on his way to going up. Wah....heng ah...haha..... If I alight one stop later, I might just get caught or something liao cos the top deck is pretty vacant. The third thing that happened to me was that I received my graduation project result, and I got an A!!! =) Yep, seriously I didnt expect an A. I was still thinking maybe I will get a B or something, judging from the way the lecturer commented on my work: "poor research and weak focus." Yet I got an A! Yippie!!!!!!!!!!! haha even though he may give everyone an A, but I felt my hard work really paid off. I really worked very hard for this proj. Quite hard I feel. The fourth happy thing that happened is I dun feel so shitty abt my interview already... Suddenly, I feel the job may not be such a good job after all. Because 1) the hours are super irregular and I might most probably work during the weekends. I might possibly compromise church, and my social life. Which are things very important to me. 2) The work is contract based (even though many jobs are contract based nowadays right?) and I dun feel secure with it 3) I might most probably not be able to further pursue my studies since the hours are very irregular...and I'd really hope to study more. All in all, this job might really not be that ideal a job to have. And I pray haha, that the person will not select me...haha.... Let me look for a better job that God has for me. So, the conclusion is, actually I dun really feel like having this job. Oh, and did I tell you that I left my phone lying around at TheCompany? (meaning I lost my phone without realising it) Yet another good thing happened, is that I HAPPENED to see the lost and found in charge of TheCompany and he was yelling out "Anybody lost a phone, anybody lost a phone?" when I saw my phone in his hands!!! Imagine I didnt "happen" to see him.... My phone will be lost. Yep, bad things happened, good things do, too. God is good.
Check out the Project Superstar Website! haha, watch the video of the guy who fainted. Errrr haha, I know I am quite mean but wah lau, like so drama, man! I looked at the profiles of some of the finalists, most of them have singing coach de lor...ya, if I have one, probably I can also bcum a superstar; top up with a Marie France slimming package that is, hahaha.... too bad the site dun really have videos of the finalists' performance during audition or whatsoever, only this weird video of asking u to vote for them. The aspiring superstars of tomorrow.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

It's a beautiful world!

It's a beautiful world because I say so. This is a pict of a beautiful world. Never mind if you cant figure out how it looks like a beautiful world, as long as I say it is, IT IS. Anyway =D it is a beautiful world because I have an interview with TheCompany tomorrow at 2.30pm! Yay! haha, even though an interview doesnt necessarily mean you WILL get the job, but at least there is a chance. I am really praying very hard that I can get the job at TheCompany. Working at TheCompany has been my dream and I really really hope to get the job. TheCompany may be nothing fabulous in some people's eyes, or some may even regard the job scope as shitty, but it has been my dream all these while to work there. And I really hope to u noe, pass the interview and get the job. hehe And it's also a beautiful world because my room is so much more neater now! I changed my bedsheets, found my air-con remote control and my make up kit! :D tomorrow can put make up le!!!! yay! all the best to myself. Korea here I come........ ~eighty-eights~

Too short-lived

Dunno, I wonder if it is still living because we are taught not to be so judgmental right? Hmmm trying to avoid names here but.... Just went to read this person's website and realised that she may be attached already. Not really surprised that she is attached but surprised at the "power of love" which may bring change to a strong headed lady to become one who seemingly is like under another's (her beau's) thumb. Not really so (maybe), but, like suddenly become 小鸟依人. Or something like that. Well I cant judge really, because I dunno the details. But it's truly at times like these that you feel the heartache at how short-lived the friendship or rather the "passion for church" is. Like just awhile ago, that you feel super heartened that this person comes to church and even says she's learning from the word and blah blah blah. Yet it's really very soon too, that you feel as if this person is "consumed by the world". And you start to wonder where is God in her heart. Sometimes people just take the idea of God too lightly, I feel. I also dunno la. Sometimes I'd feel those who are not willing will forever have excuses to not commit themselves to God and His people. For example "Cant go to church la, now is O'levels, very crucial moment." (After O levels) "Huh, I have to earn money leh, gotta work. No time." (or because after O levels, too much partying) "Wah, cant wake up la, very tired." (This is the classic and very user friendly because after you say this, the person may most probably not perster you again) "I am very satisfied with my life now. (actually it means 'pls dun come and bother me again'.)" (or yet more classic, or yet more justifiable and showing wats the true priority) "Go church later ah? Sorry, I'm not free leh...." (Actually it means "I'm not interested". And shortly after putting down phone, TheBeau calls) "Hi darling? Go out later? Sure, no prob, I'm free." (big smile and super looking forward to TheDate) (After going into JC, no work liao) "Eh, sorry, I am very busy, u noe la, JC life is very hectic de." (Or Poly) "Hey, sorry, poly very busy ah." And the above reasons are not only "very justified" but recyclable too! You can use it not only for O levels, but also A'levels, Army, Uni, Work life etc etc till the moment before you die, you are oh so busy!!!! WAH LAU I AM ALSO VERY BUSY LOR YOU THINK THE WHOLE WORLD ONLY YOU ARE BUSY MEH!?????? Ya la, I feel, if you are not willing to sacrifice that something for God whom you say with all your heart that you love utmost, then I feel there really is something wrong with you. Some people feel Christianity is like, thanking God for making me pretty, for letting me win my competition, for not making me fat, for giving me a good boyfriend yadda yadda yadda But have they forgotten that Jesus gave His life for them, and there is MORE to just filling in your religion as "Christianity" when you are filling up application forms? Or tell your frens "What religion I am in ah? Christian lor" but live nothing like what God wants us to. I dunno la, in some ways, I am guilty of not living very like a christian (in some ways), but I do try and I know it's important. Rather than those who dun even give you or give God a chance to instill values in them. Or, dun give a freaking damn. Better still, some people just brush you off when you try to talk to them with "I dunno...", "I dunno la......", "No time to think la"...... To these people: SHUDDUP LA. Wah, I dun understand, I DUN UNDERSTAND! Nobody is obliged to talk to you de you know or not? Cant you just be a bit more appreciative? Ya, I know you will probably say "Then dun come and talk to me lor". Yup, feel like giving you a tight slap. Anyways, I have too many of such friends...really. Perhaps they don't realise by wanting to live the life that they LOVE, not only brings heartache to their bros and sisters in Christ, but also God who loved them so much till He gave His life up for them. Maybe they are just more keen to worship themselves than God, and more willing to make friends with the world than with Jesus. I should pray. [added on: yup, I may sound very harsh, but sometimes I feel these people just take you for granted. They feel you are made of love and kindness, thats why they never bother about you. Anyways, prayer is the solution]

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Can you.....

In order to cheer me up, buy me some chocolate or some sweet and tasty donut? MH says eating such pleasure foods will release endorphins in the brain and will help us have a sense of euphoria. Whooo EUPHORIA! And we will feel exhilarated too! Ok Teacher Tiantian is going to educate you (in case u haven known)..... Endorphins are natural pain killing substances found in the human brain. The name comes from endogenous (meaning within) and morphine (morphine being a pain killer). Endorphins are one of the neurotransmitters in the brain. Levels of endorphins in the brain may be changed by taking a number of drugs including alcohol, anabolic steroids and heroin and other opiates. Cakes, cookies, and fudge are known as pleasure foods not only because they delight your taste buds but because they can make you feel calm and happy - at least temporarily. This sugar induced sense of euphoria comes from several chemical mechanisms in your brain. First of all, the sheer pleasure of tasting a chocolate treat or powdery donut stimulates your brain's pleasure pathways and release dopamine and endorphins, the chemicals that makes you feel exhilarated. You also get a quick surge of energy as the sugar hits your bloodstream. So please? Anyone of my wonderful frens out there, get me a chocolate bar can? please? hmmm?

We hate cliches but we cant live without them

and in this case that of praises "Hey, XX says you are Jean Danker lookalike." (paiseh smile) "Oh, no la, not really la." (trying to be reassuring) "Ok la, a lil bit." (smiles) "But if you see me for long liao den dun look like le." Cliche but well received. "Hey, you are photogenic!" (wide and confident smile, with innocent eyes) "Oh, really? Many people say that too." (ends with a pout) -_-" Bold and straightforward but..........pui! So hao lian. dunno how to be humble meh?
quite accurate for me. go do it if u want hehe.... got it from tianmin's email Colorgenics Utmost in your mind is success. You are constantly seeking stimulation and a life full of experience. You are trying to 'grow' and above all you need to develop freely and to shake off the shackles of self-doubt. You are an enthusiastic individual, full of life with the desire to live intensely. You like contact with others and are enthusiastic by nature. You are receptive to anything new, modern or intriguing. Your interests are many and you are likely to expand your fields of activities. You are optimistic about the future and you deserve every success because deep down you are a 'winner'. You like the better things in life. You are sensuous and emotional. You are a follower of the Arts and you seek an environment that will give you the fulfilment to the senses that you need. It's the old old story - I am misunderstood - my partner (be it in your private life or in business) just doesn't understand me and YOU also believe at this time that you are being completely MISUNDERSTOOD by one and all. It then obviously follows that you naturally feel inhibited and not appreciated. It is perhaps because of this belief that you feel compelled to stand back and let the rest of the world go by. As for developing a firm relationship - inwardly deep down in your subconscious mind you are wary of even trying to get close to another person because you feel that if you open up your heart and feelings you are sure to get hurt. Since you are living in a society where close relationships are the norm, you feel that there is that need to conform, but any close relationships of any magnitude that you may have tried in the past have unfortunately left you without any sense of emotional involvement. You are being unduly influenced by the situation that is all around you. You do not like the feeling of loneliness and whatever it is that seems to separate you from others. You know that life can be wonderful and you are anxious to experience life in all its aspects, to live it to the full. You therefore resent any restriction or limitations that are being imposed on you and you insist on going it alone. You don't like authority and you rebel against all forms of limitation. You are your own person and you intend to stay that way and to get on in the world simply by your hard work and determination.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Today and tomorrow

Today, I went to Jack's place with papa, mama, 狗哥 and 狗妹. I felt quite happy actually because we seldom will eat western food. Papa and mama are conservative and traditional chinese food supporters. Anyway, I took some fotos My papa My mama...I thought she looks quite pretty in this pict 狗妹. her mouth is full with the garlic bread yup 狗哥 refused to be taken a pict so there is no pict of him. Changed my page color and pict again to suit the mellowness I am in now. I'm sick sick sick. I hope I get dengue so I dont need to go Korea. It's quite odd to have a chinese song but my header's words are English... But dunno how to put Chinese in photoshop lei... Officially told my boss that I will be leaving as soon as I find a full time job. A mixture of feelings I have. Lazy to elaborate. This site is quite cute. Silly adrian, put it like that in his msn nick, I must switch between the browser and the msn page a few times before I finally typed the URL. Anyway I am nice and kind to make life easy for u, so here's the site: >>click here<< Go see it, it's a message for u. quite cute =) Going to sleep. Tired and gotta wake up very early TOMORROW to work. But good cos tianmin is coming to look for me tmr after badminton. at least something to look forward to. ~toodle-oo~