Sunday, July 31, 2005

Going to Luthur's soon =)

Hehe, so exciting, I am going to restring the guitar I bought back from Philippines (bcos one of the strings snapped) very very soon and I am going to get a tuner (new), so I am really quite excited!!! haha..... I never knew going down to Luther's can make me feel so excited. =) Anyway, my strings are so li hai, they are Elixir Light Acoustic Strings! (see description below) Yes, I know it is quite bo liao to blog of such things, but I dun care, really feel very happy to be able to buy these things =) Image Hosted by The Image Hosting ELIXIR Guitar Strings from Gore are the technology solution for both the advanced and professional musician as well as the casual musician. ELIXIR Guitar Strings feature: - Great Sound - Long Life - Fast Action - Less Noise - Less Corrosion - Comfort ELIXIR Guitar Strings Feature POLYWEB Coating, a unique high technology polymer that provides increased protection of wound strings from perspiration, dirt, and body oils, and still provides great sound. Of course, the coating wears off eventually, but sound quality is consistent during wear. Available in LIght 12-54 and Custom Light 11-52 ~~~~~~ And I actually wanted to buy this tuner, Intellitouch USA PT2, which looks so sleek because it is white. I mean, who uses a white tuner when tuners are usually ugly silver or black Image Hosted by The Image Hosting But because it costs 55 bucks and shao say I will be really stupid to waste money to buy that since I dun perform on stage or tune under super noisy conditions, so seriously there is no need to buy such a good one. And I think it makes sense, I mean, I prob need to watch how I spend. In the end, I settled for this Seiko Tuner which I think is quite okay too. Image Hosted by The Image Hosting Anyhows, just very excited la. And I supposed I dun need to go for the other job tomorrow so I am pretty happy haha..... =D


If you will ever be reading this, thank you, really, for spending time to talk to me just now. I just feel so much more better now. It's been such a long time since I last let it out.... and a long time since I find that someone who really understands. Thank you, for being there, still. =)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Can there be no more suicides, PLEASE?

I am shocked and like really SHOCKED when I once again hear someone in my realm committed suicide. It seems like people nowadays take their life too lightly, either that, or they are dangerously depressed. I am very sad. Very indeed. I mean, not to mention within my realm, in general, there really are more and more who chose to end their lives in this unnatural way. Like recently, the many cases of people jumping into the MRT track, like as if jumping into MRT track is the trend, you hear people jumping down there one after another. Celebrities take it higher, they jumped down buildings, and not MRT tracks. And why? Depression. Is the world really getting so bad that many things are not worth being happy over? Are there really so many issues in your life that you cant overcome that you wanna end your life immediately? I would go all out to help you if I can..... Please do not end off your life like that....... Please.....

Friday, July 29, 2005

I bought a PONY today!

Here's my pony.... Image Hosted by The Image Hosting tada!!! I'm a happy little girl! hehe.... Image Hosted by The Image Hosting If you squint ur eyes a lil, u'd have noticed that the shoes are for men. But I dun care anyhow. Which guy has such small feet too? Should zoom in on the price tag instead. Image Hosted by The Image Hosting Wah really ah??? 90 going on 20? Thats how much people earn. Image Hosted by The Image HostingImage Hosted by The Image Hosting My happy new Pony shoes =) It's a guy's "required" action to help a girl carry her things when you know super clearly that it is too heavy on her small shoulders. (haha though my shoulders not too small la...but my bones are small still), Thanks xiao mi, you have shown yourself to be a gentleman (at least for today haha) and I appreciate you helping me carry my 200kg laptop, not just once and then passed it back to me but each time when we walk, you will offer to help me carry. =) 好心有好报啊 hahaha....I'm being bo liao again le I am SO happy I need not work tomorrow. I have never felt so dreadful about a job for very long....until now. It seems like I have come to a decision........that I cant stand working in that job anymore..... I shall tell her soon. Ahhhhhh...........dun need to work, Yip Yip Hooray.....HOORAY!!! I can live like a tai tai tomorrow, go gym, drink coffee, the best thing is I dun need to call up stupid companies and act friendly anymore........................... Wow........if tomorrow never ends it will be great.......

Thursday, July 28, 2005


After much contemplation, I reckon that this is an appropriate thing to do. There is a Chinese saying about when you wanna solve a problem, you must go back to the beginning of the problem (or something like that). Therefore, since the problem started off with the blog, now, it will end off (I'm hoping) with the blog. It is quite funny to blog such kinda thing, but ya, if you are not involved, go away please. haha...aiyah no la, just kidding....I shall be nice, though evil as I am. This entry is for my that particular friend whom I have in small or big ways offended or hurt. Refer to entry How free can your speech be. ya...haiz. Actually I was contemplating whether to write (that entry) or not de bcos I kinda expected "probably" if I write, then bad things might happen. Now the probably is no longer a probably, because it has became certainly! Still, I do not intend to take off the entry. Because they are really things that I felt towards that friend and really at that point of time, I seriously felt that the friendship was strained, and thats why I decided to write it down; half with the intention also to let the friend know how I felt. There were no hidden meanings, like actually I am meaning this or that or that or this, but the entry is as it is. I do not regret writing it so I have absolutely no intention of taking it down. There was another entry written before it which was really written in a fit of anger and very disappointment which were NOT wrote out from feelings that were real, thats why that post was up for only awhile and I decided to delete that entry away. Yup, my that friend kept a private blog and I visit it almost everyday even though he / she rarely update. And it was also thru the visits that I read that entry of hers / his that sparked off those feelings in me and thus the blog entry I wrote about free speech. Yesterday, I click on the link of his / her blog on my favorites list, and it brought me to the page that normally appears when blogs are closed down. And I was thinking, "The blog's closed down!???" I mean, I am not a stupid person (even though I can be OVERLY-sensitive sometimes. which is something really bad, and I should make an effort to change), I know that very likely the close down of the blog is because of that entry I wrote. But I didnt want to play the game of guessing, so I smsed my friend to ask what happened to the blog. Till this morning, near 11am already there was still no reply. Then I am pretty sure it's because of me that caused what that happened to the blog because this friend normally replies sms quite promptly. So either there's something very unhappy going on, or the friend's dead, if not it shouldnt take THAT long to reply a sms. So I decided to sms my friend another time. And this time, after some time of waiting, I finally gotten a reply. Friend replied me that the blog was not closed down officially, but he / she changed some settings such that temporarily, the blog cannot be accessed by people. And we exchanged a few sms and the friend said things like because that entry has caused distress to me, so she / he decided to let things cool off for the moment (or something along that line). And expressed that she / he was also hurt by my that entry. Which I still innocently (or maybe deceitfully even) think it wouldnt hurt. The last sms that I sent to the friend was asking if he / she is mad with things and I received no reply after that. No reply to such questions only mean 1) yes I am mad indeed. 2) yes I am mad and I am too sian by this matter to reply le. 3) Yes I am mad and I dun wanna waste my sms anymore. Kinda for the whole afternoon, I got bothered by this whole thing and kept thinking how I should solve the problem. Even until in the evening till now, and I believe only until the issue is resolved, I will continue to feel bothered by this issue. I mean, yes, there may be a high chance that I do not want make myself seem like a bad person thats why I subconsciously want to feel bothered. Like feeling bothered means I care enough for this friendship, and thus I am a very good friend!!! But, put these very cheem theories aside. I realised the very fact that I am really so bothered is because I really do treasure the friendship which means I really do treasure this friend. Certainly there are things to be learnt still, feeling sorry doesnt mean I didnt feel hurt by the friend's entry a few days ago. Feeling sorry (means to me) means that I hope to somehow still preserve the friendship and keep this friend and solve the issue and hopefully the friendship will in time, grow in the love of God. Have been thinking much about the friendship and I feel this incident has not happened without a reason. There really are things to be learnt which I will keep in mind from now on. And probably I should really have a good talk with my friend. To my that friend: Sorry for my folly and seriously hope you can extend grace to me and forgive me. Sorry for the hurts caused and I just hope that after this incident, we will learn how to better handle things and not take each other for granted. Even though I seldom say this, but I really do treasure you as a friend and sister / brother in Christ. This is the prayer that I often pray, that Jesus will stand in between me and a certain friend or person, so that this friendship or relationship is not just very self sentered but one that is focused on God and do as how HE will do (WWJD). Now I too pray this prayer for us too. Maybe we can have a talk soon? yup......sorry for everything..... Hopefully this entry helps a lil because I have a brain as small as a pea and probably warped in fats, thats why I cant think of better ways to bring across this msg of mine. Still, bygones shouldnt just be made bygones without talking things out. So yep.... WIll leave this post here for awhile so that I can ensure friend has confirmed reading it. *************************** can I now start blogging about other things?'s work was not that pathetic anymore even though I considered quitting in the starting of the day. As I called and called (the clients), I started to get the hang of it. Speaking to people from Silkair, some embassies, and big organizations no longer seem like such a scary thing anymore. Even though I spoke with nasty people, there were nice ones too! =) I just tell myself that those who responded lousily simply miss the great deal we offer them. IT'S THEIR LOSS!!! Oh, and I went National Library today. Good things there are, bad things too with the new structure that we have. Dun have the strength to elaborate too much le......haha.....Really tired. Havent bathe and am going gym tomorrow in the morning, after which I will go to work. CALL PEOPLE AGAIN!!!! AHHHHHH................ I borrowed these two books. I am quite happy =) Image Hosted by The Image Hosting A series of short stories Image Hosted by The Image Hosting Some rapist, murderer story. Tianmin spotted the book for me....haha It's been quite some time since I read unfamiliar authors' books. I hope they are good reads. And I saw this book on the popular reads poster too Image Hosted by The Image Hosting Looks interesting eh? I wanna borrow some day! =) And guess what , double bonus double bonus!! =) Checked my account (my mother's account actually, you wouldnt like to hear what I did to my own account. Tianmin got to know it and was deeply traumatised. haha....not that serious la. I'm exagggerating, like usual) and saw that this book that I reserved is already waiting for my collection! =) Image Hosted by The Image Hosting I know I am a bit slow in reading famous books like such. But one's never too late to learn right? =) Hopefully can discover more about the blasphemy and all. This book is on reservation too by me Image Hosted by The Image Hosting and is still pending, I'm waiting for you!!! Wow.....really very late le. Time to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

钱真的是很难赚。。。 =(

I am duper tired now....tired until I cant even think. Have not experienced a mind block for such a long time le....but now I do. Roger was saying just now about how not good Honda cars are (he's saying my father's car not good!???) because their base is very low. Then I say, "Oh, then that one lor, that brand the car base very high de cos my mama's fren drives one." Then he asked," Which brand?" I cant believe as I try to think, my mind was totally blank. Like, BLANK!??? BLANK!!! Subsequently, the conversation still had to go on like that: "Huh.....wah my mind like totally dead. Name a few brands lei.." "Toyota." "Nope." "Volvo" "Hyundai...." and it went on "Lexus." "YAH!!! That's the brand!!!" la that intro is to show how tired I am. Such moments that I have in life are really few. I'm tired till I cant think. I'm tired till I cant eat. I'm tired till I feel like vomiting. That's the ultimate tiredness for me. For me lah. Haiz... felt pretty miserable at today's new job. I'm supposed to do telemarketing. Selling concert tickets. No worries. Not stupid concerts. In fact the other one was really nice. The closer to date one which is happening this Sunday is a star from Philippines. His name is Martin I-dunno-wat? Ya.........actually thinking, if dun target the sales to Filippinos, then how to sell the tix? Who in Singapore really knows this Martin dunno who....... Anyway, I just take instructions from my boss. The other show is My Favorite Leading Broadway Ladies. I think you know this show. Aiyah.....anyway la. Telemarketing is so sickening. Annoying too. Yet I still have to do it, for the sake of money. And because money is so hard to earn, I felt really angry just now when my money was kinda going down the drain, and I felt really cheated. I never know I can be so sad over this actually small sum of money until I was reiterating out to Roger how I must take 6 hours to earn back the same amount of money.....then really some tears came up to my eyes.... but ya.....suddenly I felt like no matter how tired you are, when come back to home, like as if all worries are home is the place where you can sit uglily with your legs anyhow placed, and close your eyes and rest. And your parents seriously understand how tired you are, and must had a tough day outside (in that sense la). So I am really sorry to my papa for just now because I just felt very cheated over the money thing that I just went into my room to talk on the phone and closed the door even though I could see that he has some thgs to ask me. Sorry, papa, for taking you for granted. 钱真的是不容易赚。。。。。

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I always feel it's very stupid to cry and talk to a dead person's body to show how remorseful you are. Just watched a bit of this show on SCV while I am having my lunch about this convict unable to go out from jail to pay respects to his mother, because he's an A class criminal. Thus he used an orange to substitute his mother and even poke three holes to slot in three cigarettes to substitute as joss sticks. He knelt in front on the orange and kowtow dunno how many times while tears and mucus stream down his face. I dunno, but I just find it very funny. He felt his mother is comaprable to an ORANGE! And the scene of him talking to the orange is just hilarious, at least to me. What is the use of talking to a dead body, which is one without soul, it's just like talking to a person in a room when actually there's nobody inside the room! What more is talking to AN ORANGE when the orange is nothing like the dead person!??? I suddenly remembered something that I learnt in that Social Behaviorial Studies module, that many things we do, is an attempt to cut down the discomfort that we experienced in our hearts. Hence, human beings can be classified as selfish and self-centered. Just like the guy, to decrease the sense of guilt in him, he used an orange to represent his mother so that it occurs to him that he has fulfiled his responsibility as a son. Reminds me again, when people die, how people will make the funeral as grand as possible, to show how loved that person is. And probably to show how filial they are too. I mean, of cos, this doesnt apply to all.

How free can your speech be?

A few days ago, I kinda had a conflict with one of my friends, and I guess because of my behavior, this conflict overflowed to AnotherFriend who was present. Later on, this AnotherFriend wrote on his / her (to avoid revealing who) blog about this interesting thing of social mirrors but yet there are people who don't appreciate them. In case you cant catch it, this friend was writing about me. And from the example of me, she / he saw that there actually are people who cannot accept criticisms. I was very shocked and in fact a lil hurt after reading the entry. It's just like, you feel the friend dislikes you, and probably writes the entry with a tinge of detest, topped up with a sneer as well. Like it kinda leaves a scar in you, and I asked myself, how can I henceforth treat this person as the same as before. Well, the best thing now I can say to myself is, it probably wasnt what I think it to be. Ya, I am such kinda person, who maybe you can say, take some time to let go of things. Well, Roger often tell me, not to constantly harp on things that has passed, be it to him or to others, because those things may not be what the person is really feeling toward me or thinking about. I guess I should take his advice. Later on, I verified the incident over MSN with this friend, and the reason why he / she said I do not appreciate social mirrors turned out to be a misunderstanding from miscommunication because of stupid MSN. That kinda you cannot hear my voice nor see my face kinda thus misunderstand my tone and sentence kinda misunderstanding..... The AnotherFren told me that the entry was written as "just an expression of the thoughts that went thru her / his mind", "no implication" on anybody. I find that quite ironic as how can you have no implication when clearly you are writing about me. Anyhows, I just hope that God will make things beautiful again.. I mean I have experienced umpteen times of God by his very supernatural ways, making things beautiful between me and friends. When as I think back now, I'd definitely find those situations more serious than these a hundred times... Me and the first fren (the original one whom I had a conflict with) somehow made up already, because from her msg, I know that she loves me very much as a fren and is willing to continue to accept me as who I am till the day that I change (and of cos I think I shd make an effort to change). Now I am just unsure whether such love (that comes from God) exists between me and the AnotherFriend...... I think the lesson learnt was really the responsibility to other people thru ur speech, not that I can do it perfectly, I cant, but seriously, we have the responsibility towards other people in our speech... **************** Well anyway, happy things now!!!! Haha, despite of that incident, I am pretty happy actually because I can slowly see light out of it: lessons we can learn, be it things of my own character and those about relationships etc. I am happy too because I have found a second job!!!! =)) Very happy because I certainly think this job is one which I look forward to working in. Events Management!!! Teeheeheeheehee....... Even though this one is only part-time, but I certainly hope and I guess I can learn many things. Anyways, VERY HAPPY INDEED =D Thank God for answering my prayers and to see what is best for me =) Another thing that lifted my spirits recently is this I finally joined some gym!!! =)) The best thing is, you can workout with friends and have access to all the classes. And our deal is really quite a good deal (hehe I shall not tell you how GOOD our deal is) *big wide smile* The theory of working out makes you happier, I guess really holds. It probably is because you exercise, and you sweat it out, and you know you are burning ugly and smelly fats, and is on the road to a better looking and healthier you, and thus you feel happy!!! I'm trying to go everyday =D =D =D Lala, I'm a happy girl...............

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I have changed my template to the marshmallow one again le, haha.... to match the happy tree friends post that I recently wrote and I have also put up the tree friends theme song to irritate you!!! Every time that you visit here, the song will irritate you and keep on IRRITATING becomes quite annoying after some time doesnt it? haha....thats my motive. Anyway, if you wanna read the happy tree friends entry, just scroll down. Enjoy.... =) I shdnt be blogging for awhile, as have been quite tired recently =)

Friday, July 22, 2005

Me and my HAPPY Tree Friends! Half year anniversary!!!


It seems like it has only been yesterday since I started out my blog, but zoooooooooom it went past, and now it has been half a whopping year!!! To celebrate my half year anniversary, I have decided to write this entry on "Me and my tree friends", after being very inspired on visiting the TreeFriends website and watching their super gross cartoons. In life, I guess we all have friends, but I sincerely wanna thank these friends of mine who have, stood by my side all these while. (Note that I wanted to write about many frens, but in the end I decided to write about those frens whom I can find their *ahem* pictures. So dun be affected if u are not on the list ah haha...ya la as if you care,,,but just to play doesnt mean too much actually.) And in acknowledgement, this entry is for them!!! My happy Tree frens, you rock!!! TOTALLY!!!! Anyway, I compared each one of them to a tree friend and I used photoshop to highly contrast my frens' pict such that each one of them remained pretty anonymous. (Or do they? haha.....) Names are in alphabetical order which means I am not biased! But in actual fact, I am a bit, who is totally fair? First on the list: Cub

compared to Xiang xiang Innocent and cute, Pop has his hands full trying to keep this 'lil tyke from crawling into trouble. Haha, just because xiang looks cute cute de. I know he doesnt look very cute in that pict.

Handy compared to Tianmin There’s no job too big for this amputee, beaver carpenter. He’s always eager to lend a helping… limb and proves that you can do anything with the right attitude. Eh come on, the helpful future Maths and computing teacher leh....


compared to Minghui (it rhymes isnt it? Mime and Minghui) If actions speak louder than words then this silent deer never stops talking. His annoying actions will leave you speechless. No link I know. Not that she is talkative or annoying, which really is not, but her famous 小媳妇 actions certainly speaks louder than words...haha....


compared to Roger This jittery squirrel with the wobbly eye always gets into sticky situations because of his sweet-toothed cravings. Mr Sweet tooth. Enough said.

Petunia compared to Elena This sweet smelling skunk never raises a stink. You won’t have to hold your nose around this friendly critter. Note - wears a pine scented deodorizer around her neck. Isnt elena known for her efforts to be 美美?? hehe...

Pop compared to Louis This fatherly bear teaches us that there's always room for "inability" in parental "responsibility." He's "fatherly" to us in some sense as our cell leader.......

Splendid compared to Shaohong It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… flying squirrel! This hero of the skies is always ready to swoop in for the rescue. Not knowing his own strength, he always does more wrong than right. Haha....he's not everyone's hero, but I think he will be willing to be one at the right time.

The Mole compared to Chai Heng aka Xiao Mi Keep your eye out for this blind mole. He manages to work his way out of the most perilous situations. (Note: The Mole actually has a mole.) No particular reason actually but because this "The Mole" looks very sumbut like xiao mi.


















Dun think I only know how to post my frens' ugly picts, I shall post mine too.

Cuddles Image Hosted by The Image HostingImage Hosted by The Image HostingImage Hosted by The Image HostingImage Hosted by The Image Hosting compared to myself!!! There’s nothing softer than this cute rabbit’s fur… and unfortunately there’s always lots of it flying around in every Cuddles episode. I'm cuddly because everyone says so!!! Good cushioning, best for a real warm hug!!! =D Arent my picts ugly enuf? Esp the last one.... dunno why I am always caught eating something...



Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blogging is stupid, like Really.

That's what happens when you have a whole lot of fame and writes all controversial issues and stir up people's emotions. I do not particulary like Xiaxue but I feel what recently happened to her still makes her quite a poor thing too. That poor girl cried and cried. I mean true la, her gmail account email and her archives is probably like her 2nd most precious possessions, 2nd to I dunno what, maybe her family? Anyway, that hacker is so very annoying. I hope he slips today near a rubbish dump and knocks himself on his head on the dirty floor and may as well eat a mouthful of trash and with the impact of bumping his head, come to his senses. Really la, such people hor. REALLY HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO, MAN. These people are even worse than those other stupid bloggers who have nothing to do than to go party with famous bloggers and kissing and taking photographs and sitting on each other's lap and posting these photos on their site and feel proud BECAUSE THEY TOOK PICTS WITH *woot!* FAMOUS BLOGGERS!!!! These kinda hacker ppl probably think they are very smart and nobody can hunt them down. Come on man, the person he hacked is Xiaxue leh....I mean, her network is so big, and I dun believe the hacker cannot be tracked. I seriously hope the hacker can be caught by the police. Sometimes I feel there is no difference in hacking, and, say killing another person. Such people must be so very "brave", to even do things illegal. Sometimes I wonder what it takes to commit crimes. Anyhow whatever stories behind why he did this, he should receive his accorded punishment. Haha, some super cynical person will once again say thgs like "aiyah, xiaxue just using that to gain more readers and more popularity la"..... Even if it's so, does it bother them even? I think these people are mentally unsound to hate a person whom they dunno till this extent leh..... For me, I believe her, and like what I say, even though I dun particularly like her as a blogger, I feel with her, and I hope that stupid person will be nabbed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Amazing grace.....

Read my fren's blog just now about how she woke up in e middle of the night from a nightmare and proceeded to sing Amazing Grace and wore her cross and went back to sleep. I mean, it may sound freaky and "so spiritual" to some. But I just got reminded really about God's grace. Maybe even more bcos am talking with a fren now about issues in our lives and about God. Like if not for the grace of God, where can we be now? I also got reminded about God's sovereignty and his protection over us when we are afraid. Like even though for my fren, it may seem like a symbol of superstition, but I dun think so. It's a way to show that she trusts that God will keep her safe as long as she places her trust in Him. Reminds me (again) also of the song we taught the street kids during mission trip When I am afraid, I will trust in YOU I will trust in YOU I will trust in YOU..... When I am afraid, I will trust in YOU In God's whose word I praise..... In God I trust, when I am afraid.... In God I God's whose word I praise............. AMAZING GRACE Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now am found Was blind but now I see 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fear And grace my fears relieved How precious did that grace appear The hour I first believed Through many dangers, toils and snares I have already come 'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far And grace will lead me home When we've been there ten thousand years Bright shinning as the sun We've no less days to sing God's praise Than when we'd first begun

Everybody should go and do this!!!

What a good site it is to analyze your health and tell you the "real age" you are in, from the lifestyle you lead. I love this site so much that I even printed out the 12 long pages of advice that they offer so that I can meet my true age. Ya, maybe it's a bit confusing, but let me explain more. My true age, as in my biological age is 23 or 22+, but my "real age" as in the calculated age due to the lifestyle I lead, is............28!!!! sad is that.... I shall do some thgs to improve my health!!!!!!!!!!! Won't you go do that as well, so that there will be lesser sick people in the world?? =)) haha...even though there's no guarantee that you wun be sick forever, but at least you took an effort to stay healthy. And the test is free somemore!!!! go do it! go do it!!! =)))

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Totally disgusted

I read a person's blog yesterday and I felt literally giddy and disgusted after reading, even till the point I felt pukish..... He used to be a blogger whom I thought can write really well, and I cant believe I even praised him before in front of wewe, that he proved to be a blogger who's not too critical, nor vulgar; just that he employs a lil nudity here and there but very rarely in his entries. Anyway, I regret ever saying that and now I felt totally sick in my stomach even by the remembering of his name. I think fame can be so dangerous especially when you need to portray yourself as somebody really fun to be with, and really charismatic; be it underneath your skin whether you are really somebody like that. When things like that happen, I'd pause for awhile and contemplate over my purpose to want to blog and I am glad that I found myself not in the realm of "because I wanna get famous, that's why I blog" category. Anyway the whole incident goes like this.... One night I was just surfing around while eating my dinner (yes, I am a Singaporean multitasker) and clicked his website. And you know recently there is this hype about the whatever blogger conference wadeva wadeva at DXO wadeva wadeva, you get what I mean. And I seriously dunno why in the first place they have this conference and why would ppl attend even!??? I feel ppl who attend such thgs are stupid and have nothing better to do. I dunno what is so fun about being able to take pictures with famous bloggers or drink and laugh and kiss around and post these picts on ur blog to gain more hits. Ok, not to sidetrack, this guy is a pretty famous blogger and he attended the wadeva conference too. There then came this certain gal who created alot of controversy recently about her baring herself on her blog etc etc and when she arrived, she exchanged some lines with the famous blogger guy about seeing each other underneath their garments...... So they kinda challenged each other to bare it, and in the end the gal says if you dare to bare, I'm game for it too! Of cos the guy did his stuff, what has a guy got to lose too in showing off his chest? And the result? The gal pulled off her top in front of the crowd.................. ............ and the pictures were posted on his site for a while which a while later were taken off, the picts that is. A while later, the whole entry was removed. You know.....sometimes I really feel this whole thing about the wadeva Blogosphere, the blogders, the blogger conference and wadeva is just so sick..... I read about some of the entries by other bloggers and realise that they even gather at certain bars or wadeva and call each other by the psuedo name they use when they blog. That is if ever I am in the crowd as well, you will probably call me stirring? I dunno.. Anyway, my mind is full of thots now and I am kinda tired so I may not be making sense. Anyway....I am just pretty apalled at the gal's act of flashing her body and guys wolf whistling and asking her to strip more. It just makes me feel like, ...... all bloggers are sickos. Is the gal mad or anything, or really desiring attention till she can do anything to earn it. Or perhaps, her body is nothing to her anyway. Isnt it illegal to bare yourself in public? It's really quite sick if they call this fun. Going around to kiss and to hug and to caress, and to post such picts on ur site and to be proud of it. And to have people jeering for more stripping to be done. I never know Singaporeans can be so sick. Seems like there are many hiding around, behind the safest place in their homes, their computers. No wonder that guy blogger call us Sin-fully Sin-gapore too.....pui! A bunch of people who love hiding behind the computer screen and surfing who knows what sites. Yucks. I know not all bloggers are like that, many are like me as well, who owns a pretty much "lively life" and who certainly is not sick in the mind. I am not saying those people are sick in the mind for sure, but they certainly give me an impression that they do. After it all, I am glad that my page remains as one which helps my frens learn more about my life, and an outlet for me to practise writing etc. I do not desire fame in this sense at all, as of now that I say it... I am glad I still have my Happy Tree Friends. (More about the happy tree friends tomorrow.)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Another One!!! I'm a starving artist!

I'm exceptionally artistic! Find your soul type at

Fair enough. Perhaps they haven't. But now that you know, you must become one with your inner self. Virtues:

You look for immense creativity and individuality in people, including yourself. You're not happy with anything less than brilliant, and you focus on being expressive. You value energy, liveliness, and upbeat personalities, but you're not supportive of moodiness when you yourself can be unreliably moody. Seeking activity, you like the bustle of business but need the secluded atmosphere of a studio or private corner. Aspirations:

You feel the need to express your talents, whether it be through writing, drawing, singing, dancing, composing, performing, or photographing. While you strive to ever improve your work, you want to display it as soon as possible when your impatience kicks in. You want to be a prodigy but you might not have the means right at your fingertips. Trust me, do NOT move to New York to do it. Yeesh! Quirks:

Conformists bother you because of their lack of individuality. You're often late or unreliable. You're showy and refuse to share the spotlight. You only tell little white lies. You worm your way into the hearts of others, but be careful; some people despise the show-offs. Factors:

Surround yourself with activity and you'll always have material to work with. Involve friends and family in your projects so they don't feel like envious outsiders. Future:

Show business or not, you'll settle down happily if you're among those who appreciate your natural talents and desire to perform. Don't stay in one place too long, and don't be too hasty in defining your relationships. Who are you to judge what only time will tell?

Haha.........artistic? Not really la....

Good thing(s) to have while you travel

During my recent trip to Korea when I was feeling super duper bored, a good read certainly proved to be my best companion esp when HP network is totally incompatible, no internet access..........etc. When I was there, I read this book Plain enough, The five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom. It's a pretty good read with a "The End" at the beginning of the book as you journey thru with the deceased in visiting people who made an impact in his life and learning lessons from these people. This kinda book is like those The Little Prince, Who moved my cheese, The animal farm kinda book. I read The Little Prince twice (the Chinese and English version) because I think it's really a very good read. I like the very "philosophical" touch that this book adds to its contents. I copied down all those parts I like, and of cos as expected, I lost them. What I like about The Little Prince too is how it translates into different meanings for kids and for adults. I kinda forgotten what meaning this book had for me, anyway I intend to buy one and keep for myself and read it again and again as I like. Who moved my cheese came across more like a "counselling tool" urging us to keep up with the changes of our lives and how to face them (changes) with a more positive attitude. A good read too! Haha, Animal Farm is too political for me to digest. I'd rather look at it from the kids' point of view. Anyway, I thought of writing out the five lessons the five people people you meet in heaven proposed Lesson 1 No life is a waste. The only time we waste is the time we spend thinking we are alone. Lesson 1 Sacrifice is a part of life. It's supposed to be. It's not something to regret. It's something to aspire to. Little sacrifices. Big sacrifices. Lesson 2 Holding anger is a poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves. Lesson 3 Lost love is still love. It takes a different form, that's all. Lesson 5 You have a divine purpose where you are in; you may see the purpose or you may not. Anyway, I picked out these lessons on my own. There wasnt a very clear cut lesson written down as like Who moved my cheese. So, go read on ur own! It's a good read really =)) When you are overseas and away from the usual stuffs that make you busy, I feel, it's also a very very good time to pray and to read the Bible. I have reserved Angels and Demons and Da Vinci Code, hope to read them soon to see what's so good with this Dan Brown exactly. Hoping to read Tuesday with Morrie too by Mitch Albom as well. =))

Thursday, July 14, 2005


Am I like so swey or what??? My long awaited specs which I finally collected today, I realised, just realised in fact that the degree sucks big time!!! Wah lau...... The degree is so much more than my degree right now. And you might say, well, you should have tried it when you were at the shop what. The thing is, I tried. But I tried only the fitting bcos I was wearing contact lenses. Sian, man.... Like so spoilmarket or what....... I am going back on Sunday to demand a change. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Stop laughing at how swey I am lah (ya la......this photo is quite funny. So decided to post it. Just what is so funny? hmmm....I know why, you dunno! hehe)
Saw this on my fren's nick on MSN: 两个人在一起, 究竟需要多少勇气? I thought to myself, instead, 两个人在一起,究竟需要什么? What is needed for that two who meet to decide that they wanna make a choice to walk thru this life together? Or is it just a matter of cos I like u, and u like me? I know I know my posts are bcuming increasingly boring, pardon me, there are many 心烦的 issues to think about.... lalalala....

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


全世界我也可以放弃, 至少还有你值得我去珍惜... Not that drama actually, I'm not somebody who believes in men not failing us. But really, I thank God for having such a person by my side. Even though there were so many problems along the way, fights, quarrels, cold war and all the bad things that can spoil a relationship that you can think of, but still, the relationship stands strong after it all. You realise that deep in you, you still care very much for the person and all that you both went thru together. Calling each other by very cute nicknames, feeling sad for the person when you hear the sobbing etc, telling you, "Hey, I'm still here for you." and "Don't cry le ok?"......touches my heart to the deepest. Thank you for being there.

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You Are From the Sun

Of all your friends, you're the shining star. You're dramatic - loving attention and the spotlight. You're a totally entertainer and the life of the party. Watch out! The Sun can be stubborn, demanding, and flirty. Overall, you're a great leader and great friend. The very best!
You Are a Dreaming Soul
Your vivid emotions and imagination takes you awy from this world So much so that you tend to live in your head most of the time You have great dreams and ambitions that could be the envy of all... But for you, following through with your dreams is a bit difficult You are charming, endearing, and people tend to love you. Forgiving and tolerant, you see the world through rose colored glasses. Underneath it all, you have a ton of passion that you hide from others. Always hopeful, you tend to expect positive outcomes in your life. Souls you are most compatible with: Newborn Soul, Prophet Soul, and Traveler Soul

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

We are taught to keep our trash.....

Sometimes I'd feel that the society we live in today teaches us a "don't need to clear up ur shit trash" concept. Just like the famous Gmail with a 2GB storage, it writes: "Who needs to delete when you have over 2000 MB of storage?!" Anyway, it says for spam right, that messages older than 30 days will be automatically deleted, it doesnt 好吗?It just stays there and accumulate.... Somehow, this reminds me of our heart as well. It's like, there are many trash in our hearts like emotional baggages? But maybe bcos of our culture, most frequent than not, we just bury all these things in some corner of our heart and never clear them up, we even forget about their existence until that divine one day that we are reminded again, and the pain is more than ever....

Photo Blog

What have I been up to recently? Let the pictures do the talking shall we? Really not in much of a state to rant... ... Today's Tues....ok... Church deco on Sat, almost everyone were busy to turn up, well, we did it on our own in the end. Though, it was quite hard work. Xiang and Junhao climbing up and down to hang the stuffs etc I tried too (to do some flower balloons) How the flowers look in e end -- a red one and a blue one he catching a shot with The Flower pumped balloons too She pumped many. Not an easy job ok. And They helped too The pillar that I tried very hard to deco with all the peeling paint and dirty shoe marks. The drapings behind were really quite nice. Went for Jo's sendoff and before she alight from the MRT, we quickly took some shots She wore pink!!! So long, my friend......... Saw these yesterday at some counter I felt enchanted by those flowers. And really we agree, that gals are really mesmerised by flowers. Guys, give us flowers!!!! Nah, no mood to joke. Yet even the most enchanting thing can caused your vision to blur and believe in something that is not real. Just like sin which creeps around, causes us to see thru tinted glasses and find everything beautiful, only to find out in the end that everything was just an illusion, and we complicate things for ourselves... Laters~