Thursday, December 22, 2005

The morning never looked so beautiful

I wish I have a good enough camera to capture how beautiful the morning looked, but yeah, I dun have one. The warm crimson sky intersecting the rest of the bluish purple as abruptly as a brush stroke over a piece of clean paper. Though howver abrupt, the sky is indeed beautiful and just injected a new sense of hope and love into me, I supposed from God. It is a very meaningful morning today as I woke up really early to cook some porridge for mama who is admitted into hospital for the moment. It was really a pain to see her lying on bed yesterday, still very much giddy from the anasthesia, not even able to move but just keep on sleeping; how she opened her mouth and couldnt really mutter a word. It's really not easy going thru an operation I tell you. The pain which caused you to be crippled from ur usual ability to move freely, and because of this constant immobility, a bad backache will most likely happen. The worse thing comes at night when ur family leave you for home, that you will slowly feel miserable and very much lonely. Probably it's because the last time when I was hospitalised that I see how caring my family were towards me (mama who was there with me the whole day, waiting outside the op room etc, papa and mama who keep helpin me to massage my legs after the op to prevent any blood clot that I may have; gege who took leave to come; papa who was very concerned when I started walking and I experienced pain.. etc etc) that I also wanna be like so back to them. They really are good examples. And maybe it's also the conscience at work that I love my mama, and wanna take care of her like how she has taken care of us these 20 something years, and possibly more to come. Woke up early to cook "the best chuk in the world" (and so I told my bro, and he was amused) for mama. Wah, really smell very nice ok? Of cos la, I searched around the kitchen and found some good (and expensive) stuffs to put in the chuk. I hope mama will like it. Gege woke up one hour early and still asked me whether is the clock spoiled. I think it really is very heartwarming that as a family, we are bonded in such a manner to show care and love. The love that keeps us going and the commitment that gives the love.

Monday, December 19, 2005


Image hosted by Wah… I cried when watching the last episode just now, when 阿旺 asked his 老婆仔 to leave him, that how he said he has to give her up to let her find true happiness. I wonder if it is true that if you genuinely love a person, that seeing the person happy, you will be happy also, even when the person’s happiness brings you pain. If it is not so, does it mean that the love is not genuine. 只要你开心,我也会开心. I think 阿旺新传 is really such a nice show. I personally like 阿旺 a lot. I am so glad the ending turned out to be a happy one, unlike the last version of 阿旺. The song is so nice too! =)) 十万夢儿里有你 一起闯入穿梭机 与你挽手星海中探险远飞 若问为何愛上你 推开关着的心扉 你以愛將千顆傷透心救起 怎么天天見太陽 东方升接着夕陽 夜與白天分开去細賞 怎么一天再漫长 心中总有你在场 念掛(女)就似是唯一的傾向 (男)着你如在美夢 我想 Sunshine and love be with you In rainy days, I shall be with you Love is no foolDreams come true 问问愛會有多阔 原來像那片天高海阔 Love is no foolDreams come true I'd always be with you If only people can all be as simple as阿旺, I think the world be so much more beautiful. Image hosted by I remember one thing阿旺 said: “我怎么会生气你呢?我们是家人来的嘛。” Reminds me how sometimes I can be so mad with my parents and refuse to talk to them. Yup, enough of阿旺, let u see this pict I get from my friend’s blog. Image hosted by If you look at the pict now, u will see that Mrs Calm is on the right while Mr Furious is on the left, but if you get ur bum off your seat and move ten steps behind, Mr Furious and Mrs Calm switch places. Illusion created by Phillippe G.Schyns and Aude Oliva of the Univ. of Glasgow."

Can u pls pray for her

I sent this email to her on the 4th Nov

Hey Precy! How are you? Just want to drop you an email to tell you that I miss you alot! How are things going for you in ministry and home? As I remember you, I always pray that God will strengthen you in your walk with Him and your relationship with Rico. I miss the days that we spent in Phillippines with you guys and the children. And each time that I remember you all, I cannot help but thank God so much to have have known all of you. The way you lead your lives has impacted people like me from Singapore very much. And it is really a privilege for you to be able to serve God joyfully in Philippines and glorifying Him. I am sure God is pleased as you continue to seek His will and do His work. For people like us in Singapore, sometimes we are very tied down by busy schedules, so please pray for us that our eyes will be fixed on Jesus and continue to honor God with everything that we do. I am now working at an education centre and I will be teaching with the government coming January and I am very excited about it! I will be getting baptized on 18 December too! Precy, if you can, here are some of my prayer requests: 1) pray for my family's salvation: my parents and one elder brother. Also, I feel very lost as to how to share Christ with them. 2) Pray that I will be close to God. If you have any prayer requests, please, do not hesitate to let me pray for you, I would be really very glad to support you in prayers. Your sister In Christ, Tim

And today, I received her email

Dear Tim, Greetings to you in Jesus name! Thanks for the e-mail though my response is really delayed. I have been in the turmoil for the past two months. I was hospitalized because of my kidney problem. I thank the Lord for he help me to survive to the point that i was so penniless. I am living with a friend now i stopped working because of my physical condition. By the grace of God, i just started to work today as an English tutor i need to work because i dont have the resources. Many times before i go to bed i always cry too much depression, pain and suffering. Thanks to your e-mail it lifts me up. I have to pay debts when i got sick i spend big money i was not able to return in the hospital i am thinking how will i pay my debts it goes around twenty thousand pesos it burdens me alot. I will always include your prayer request in my devotion time every day. The Lord is good. Im planning to rent a room to live on my own please pray me in financial needs even my husband we are having some misunderstanding i even sell my cellphone due to the emergent need of money. We cant communicate this time. Pls pray for my recovery i dont lose hope in our God we are serving. Advance Merry Christmas. How i pray that it could be merry for me. Regards to all of the Singaporeans. Im happy for that good news you have shared. Just give up your best to our Master. Till here God bless you. Missing you also, Ate Precious

My heart really ached as I see her email. I wish I have the money to help her. Sometimes, you would just stop and rethink why would God allow His faithful servants, like her, to suffer in this manner. But I guess, as much as I cannot help financially, I want to be sure I be praying for this dear sis of mine. I really hope to go back to Philippines to visit her.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

When the love is not that strong anymore,

what that keeps it going is commitment. Was chatting with Uncle Bob together with Tianmin that day when he came to pick us up. Suddenly, I also dunno why we were onto the thing about marriage. And he was just repeating many times that what that keeps marriage going is commitment, and not really love. He said this commitment actually grows the love, and not the other way round. Because when u start living together with the person, there will be many things abt that person which u cant stand. But it is commitment that keeps the marriage from ending up with a divorce, cos u noe in ur mind that u do love this person and has commited to spend the rest of ur life with him / her till the day that u die. Though many people nowadays take their vow too lightly. Suddenly, this thought just came to my mind, that love between me and God, and the commitment likewise is similar to that of a marriage. There are many times that I do not feel as close to God as I ought to be, or hard as I try, that I do not always "feel" him. Maybe also because I have strayed away and do not love God as much as I first do. But what that keeps me to Him is this commitment I have made to say I will follow Him, as long as I live. So good. This commitment. Getting baptized I think is furthuring that commitment. I am getting baptized this Sun! =))

Friday, December 16, 2005

I havent been able to blog for eons

Cos u noe about the usual problem, the not able to publish problem. Only when I type short and without picture links entries like that then blogger will not konk me out. Anyway, some bo liao entry will be like that. You know sometimes when I am seeking for some entertainment, I will read other ppl's blogs, esp when now I am officially out of job again. And u noe now there is this Weblogs thing going on. So ya, though it's very not me to will actually vote, still I clicked on the link whenever I can to vote. And what that puzzles me is, why do so many people vote for Xiaxue ah? She is like leading Mr Brown than 3000+ votes. And that is abit annoying actually. Haha, ya, to me la. Since I feel Mr Brown is so much more better a writer, who writes so much more intelligently. And Xiaxue, probably, most of the time bitches, and complains, I guess. Anyway, if you are interested, go vote for Mr Brown. Hehe....

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

想要传福音是否真的如此简单?目的是否会永远地单纯?上帝的旨意不都会轻易变成我们自己的 “荣耀” 吗?失去方向是一件很逐渐发生的事。它的危险性极高;就好像慢性毒药那般把你那小之又小想向好的心给侵蚀掉。。。

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dinner on Sat

Went out dinner that night with them to this place called Blu Jazz. I will definitely go back again since I didn’t get to eat any! (reason why I will update again) I purposely made all the photos more blur, cos somehow looking at the very sharp photos are not very pleasant at least to my eyes. Image hosted by The fish n chips which many ordered and which I didn’t even get to eat one mouth! Image hosted by Shaohong is giving a speech, as usual Image hosted by Thot this shot looks quite nice Image hosted by Deco of Blu Jazz Later after dinner we walked to a shop that sells vintage stuffs, most of which are things I see lying around at home when I was possibly like 5, which is 18 years ago. Of cos they have much nicer things la. With cameras in our bags, we grabbed the chance to “go back to the past” Image hosted by Ice kachang, Ice kachang….Ice balls also have. Image hosted by Come cut hair, come come, cheap cheap nia Image hosted by Adrian is very happy bcos he got some good comp deals. Zhizhen transformed into zhenzhi seeing Adrian being so happy Image hosted by Somebody’s trying to steal things~~ Right….thats about it. I edited some of my HK picts just now to post and I realize there were too many. Troublesome… Gotta sleep soon. Teaching my ADHD kid tmr…

Monday, December 05, 2005

A late post

Image hosted by RoAaaAAArrrRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........ I'm BACK. Just back from watching Harry Potter - the goblet of fire. Eh, actually quite nice leh, not that bad as like what some other people say. I cant even remember watching the "flaws" ppl mention, like what about the scroll cant be read etc. Since when was there a scroll? In fact, I think some parts of the movie are pretty funny even. Just that I couldnt quite accept Hermoine being so 花痴 over a guy. Though true enuf, gals are 花痴 by nature, but this is supposed to be a magic show right? It's not supposed to follow reality and Hermoine is supposed to not drool over guys. She's supposed to slap guys with her wand and cast a spell on them because men think they are very great. Anyway, nice show it is. I am very happy I am back to the movie world again. Once again i can be watching movies, started from The Wig, Excorsim of Emily Rose and now Harry Potter. I also wanna watch Oliver Twist and Just like heaven, and I will be watching Chicken Little with my cousins. So happy! Have been pretty sian lately, keeping watch on my cash flow and anticipating going to teach. Anyways, when I went for appointment briefing that day, the officer who attended to me was SUPER shuai and I told Tianmin I couldnt stop smiling. Muz be pretty 失态 since I find it unable to close my mouth even. But talking about looks, I think looking good doesnt mean everything really. It may be a plus point for a start, but eventually, what that truly matters is the heart because teh flesh is perishable but not the heart. And being together with someone is once again the heart that matters, the heart that will keep u with that person. Went to a wedding with Tianmin (ya Tianmin again) yesterday, and as I look at the very young couple exchanging their vows, I cant help but think why would people who have vowed break their vow one day by divorce? I dunno, suddenly at that moment yesterday, the vow was so sacred to me. They have sweared in front of their parents, their relatives and friends that they will remain true to each other no matter what till the day that they die. How can anyone just feel that a vow is something "play play" de? Dun the bands on their fingers remind them of this sacred agreement they once made when a couple chooses the way to divorce? I think I will NEVER consider divorce if ever I do get married. And that of cos means, I will not get married in a spur of the moment, but I will want to be very sure, and my partner sure too, that the marriage is a lifetime commitment, not to be broken. I think i have come to this stage that I cant blog on my desktop anymore because it never fails to show me that divine error page. Anyways, wanna post my Hong Kong picts, but havent edited finish. Meanwhile, let me try to post one pict. It's been such a long time since I posted any pict. Image hosted by Saw this guy at Causeway Bay In Hong Kong and he was basically carrying this signboard high above himself and showing it to everyone around. Kinda freaky.

I like

Image hosted by

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Your words are too flowery for me...

Very early very early. Have not wake up so early for many years to do things. When I went for my Hong Kong trip, I woke up at 4+, but at least after that I can sleep all the way on the plane. Woke up at 6 jus now cos anyway I kinda have feverish sensation. haha, anyway I wanted to put down something my fren said to me yesterday but as I check the message history, it was no longer there. Let me try to recall.... I think he said something like "It just makes so much sense and means so much when our dependency is fully on God". I think it is something like that. Anyway just shortly like a few mins before that, I was telling him that his words are too "flowery" for me. Flowery not in the sense of 花言巧语, but that of very fanciful which makes it "complicating" for me to really understand what he is saying in just one glance. Which, haha, normally when I do not understand in one glance, I will just give up and not think too much. But I guess he is just flowery by nature such that when awhile ago I told him not to be flowery, awhile later, he resumed again. But I feel flowery words do make their impact, just like yesterday. Anyway, I am too full again and feeling uncomfortable again like the stitches gonna burst. Going for my FIRST sunday school teaching later. Pretty excited and nervous but before that, many things to settle for the singing practice blah blah blah I think my blog is getting a lil messy with the song not streaming properly and the counter going mad. A bit too lazy to be bothered. I am more bothered with my entries not being posted every time. I am almost certain that the reason is my connection since using my ibook brings me to an error page as well and using at my fren's place does not cause me this problem. And as much as I rem it, that it is after I change my connection that I find it so annoying to blog. I think I will email Singnet.

Saturday, December 03, 2005


I am very convinced that unless God does the work, we will labor in vain. Just like how much you want certain things to change, u realise that in the end many things are just not within ur control. Yet amazingly, God can change things if it is according to His will. The thought of not praying desperately enough just crossed my mind that day. I am not trying to say that if we pray desperately for things like strinking Toto, God will give it to us. But many a times, I think our attitude in prayer is not right as well. Sometimes we dun want something hard enough or we just pray half heartedly. I think I really need to learn more in the area of prayer. Anyway haha, on a side note, I think it is pretty funny (scary also) to realise there are people whom u didnt expect to read ur blog, to be reading. It's like telling some "secret" to ur fren, to only realise after telling finish that there's another person sitting round the corner, fully enjoyed every bit of ur "secret". Good thing the "secret" is not exactly a SECRET.