Sunday, February 26, 2006

A new beginning~

I really wonder at how God can work, that He really can soften the hardest heart or really make the impossible, possible. I think I really learnt this time round how to trust in His timing and His sovereignty. I too learnt how faithful God is (once again). I always marvel at God's faithfulness towards me. It's like how the hardworking shepherd who keeps scooping back that silly sheep, who wanders away again and again. if not for the good Shepherd, what would have happen to me? Anyway, my cough is now so bad I cant even take a nap. And my room is half cleaned up already (I made a promise that this would be one of the first things I do - cleaning up my room) and really it feels so much more better, more to the spiritual being and to the physical being. Definitely a much nicer place to do my work and a better (cleaner) place to spend time with my Lord. Picking up the pieces bit by bit and.....I'm going to try sleeping again le. Though I have like 200 books to mark? And my lesson plan is not done. But I think haha 休息是为了走更长的路. Haha.....i am really quite convicted in that. to try to sleep.... =) 2 weeks.......please quickly pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A lazy day at home

What a lazy feel, a lazy day, basically just lazing around and not doin too much. Without my parents to fan me with all the "pack your room la" and not wanting to do much work too. The morning was basically spend surfing websites (for my travel plan!!! yay!!) and chatting online. haha...~ what a bo liao day. Anyway, I think i may well get down to some work soon le la.. but before that some blogging. Thought this is quite a nice one, I saw it from my student's school communication book. How very inspirational of schools to include such things in the comm-book right We are born with two eyes in front, Image hosting by Photobucket because we must not always look behind. But see what lies ahead, beyond us. We are born to have two ears Image hosting by Photobucket - one left and one right so we can hear both sides. Collect both the complimentary and criticisms, to see which are right. We are born with a brain in a skull. Image hosting by Photobucket Then no matter how poor we are, we are still rich. For no one can steal what our brains contain. Packing in more jewels than you can think. We are born with two eyes, two ears but one mouth. Image hosting by Photobucket For the mouth is a sharp weapon, it can hurt, flirt, kill. Remember to talk less, listen and see more. We are born with one heart, deep in our ribs. Image hosting by Photobucket It reminds us to appreciate and give love from within. The New Look Image hosting by Photobucket Haha, my lappie's new look. Pink Rhinestones =) How very nice! It's 4pm already. And I gotta go teach tuition at 6. So I better quickly go do some productive things. So excited abt the trip! =)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

2 Days MC (Round 2)

And I am starting to feel miserable.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Free-spirited and things I have been learning

This is what happens when you are on a 2 days MC: you on and off ur laptop for about 5 times in a span of 6 hours or so. Ya la, though there are more serious and official things to do (one of which is tidying up my room, which I am a quarter done), but I just feel we should fully make use of rest time to do relaxing stuffs and serious stuffs. Ya, so I decided to just come online and blog. FREE-SPIRITED Most would think free spirited is a good thing. I commented to fren just now at how I feels he has countless of considerations every time when making decisions, that he should just be more carefree and go with whatever that he feel is good. But I paused and think, I think being that "free-spirited" may not be that good after all. Making decisons carefully and thus having "too many considerations" may well be one thing that I should learn. Sometimes I feel I do not think too much, be it consequences or motivations all that kinda thing. And sometimes I do regret the decisions that I made. I cant say I regret and wallow in self-pity. What I can do is only to say "right, I learnt my lesson". So yup, next time if u see me making a decision without thinking, slap me. I mean, remind me to make my decision carefully. School and the things I have been learning "Things I have been learning" because I have yet to learn them fully. School has started for around 2 months already? Yup, as what I have mentioned earlier, school is really like a battleground Image hosting by Photobucket One which I battle against myself. Yup, because it is so not me to have all those traits an effective teacher should have, but if I really do want to consider this as my career, I really do need to change, ALOT. 1) The importance of being organized. Whhatever it is, I think organizing out ur stuffs definitely helps in enhancing ur mood, as my papa always says. And he also says people work better under an environment that is not messy and thus organized one. I do agree with him. But I tend to always mess things up and not bothering to put them back in place. I think that may well be laziness. Also, I think being organized makes a better teacher. At least I wun need to look around for say, my lesson plans when I am about to go for lessons, or forgot to bring stuffs all that kinda thing. And be very clear-minded of what I am going to teach whenever I go for a class. I think that adds to the confidence as well. 2) The importance of "finishing today's work within today" aka 今日事今日毕 Yup, really realise the importance of marking finish today's books within today and if I cant, then bring them home to mark. Somehow, I feel not accumulating books on my table helps me to not be too stressed up. Actually alot of things are like so, isnt it? For example not accumulating rubbish in room if not u will land up like me, with lotsa trash now to clear. Or even unhappy feelings towards another person, that if u accumulate, one day it will turn into something really unpleasant. Anyway, I saved this as draft and it is now 12:07am liao...I think I really need to do something productive, and thus I have woken up to do. What am I talking about?

2 Days MC

Image hosting by Photobucket Hello~~ haha....I am so bo liao Though a 2 days MC may sound like nothing great, but comparing to 2 days ago when I visit this other doc who simply refused to give me any MC, 2 days of MC is really like a wonder. So much medicine too and so reasonably priced. I love this doctor!!! I think I am now the happiest person in the world because I have 2 days of MC!!! Gonna take time to really rest and tidy things up (in terms of my room and work wise, and I think my spiritual walk too) Image hosting by Photobucket taken just now at the doctor's because I have done everything I could possibly do like sms ppl, call ppl, read books, went out to a shop to buy thgs, and still not my turn yet!!! 2 hrs of waiting, how good is that? Anyway, just a lil update of what I have been doing these days, really lil cos my life doesnt revolve around doing all these things all the time. 1) My Johari Window Go do it for me ok! Hehe... I dunno why there is this certain one trait that nobody noes but which I feel is true of myself. I guess people just dunno me that well enuf at times but just grasped the basic things like friendly and all those. I mean of cos I am friendly, I am warm, I am loving, supposingly, but what lies within is much deeper than these. Go do k? Hehe.... U will get a better glimpse of what I am like teeheehee 2) What that happens every Wednesday Image hosting by Photobucket thats not me la, silly. I was taking this pict and which after got scolded of not concentrating. Hey very challenging ok? Going to this thing after one day of tiring work Basically REALLY reading thru Acts. I am getting a bit bored. But I think I am trying to test myself too that I will not give up easily 3) Shopping Craze I cant really describe how crazy I have been spending. Not really alot. But bought quite a bit of things, most of which I get to use of cos. But I really felt VERY stupid. I actually bought 2 same books, but because they are titled differently and the cover looks different, I bought them both. I didnt bother to open up the cover to see too. Very stupid indeed. But never mind, lesson learnt. 4) Blog Phobia I think I am a bit scared sometimes to blog because, I know there are people who reads and who may easily get judgmental. Reason being that they do not know me well i.e. they do not know EXACTLY the details but from much of what they gather here, they determine who I am. Like the previous point of spending, they may well conclude that this person this or that or that or this. So seriously, I am a bit afraid of blogging these days. 5) Plan to buy Digi Cam Yup yup, I know, I know I already have a "family digi cam", but I would really hope to have "my own", in view of how my home system works. So I have been eyeing this. Image hosting by Photobucket Sony’s Cyber-shot DSC-T5 I think most most likely I will get this. Yup, when I get things settled, I will go buy it. A red one! =) I think thats about it for the moment things I have to say. Though not everything is like bright and rainbowy feel, still there are faithful frens to be walking thru w u. Really faithful some. Praying thru the phone is such a nice thing. I think we should do it more.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Yellows are motivated by fun. They are inviting and
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What Color Are You?
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mickey wished me...

Image hosting by Photobucket haha, because, I received this as Valentine's Day Present Image hosting by Photobucket student give one la... Think Valentine always gives me that very pinkish, rosey, and hearty feel. Full of pink roses Image hosting by Photobucket and hearts Image hosting by Photobucket haha, I know this is a bo liao entry. But I finally have some heart to blog cos work is settling down (not perfected yet) and I dun feel as tired as before liao. Anyway, Happy Valentine's =) Today is a happy day =)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Feeling like a princess~ =)

Haha, I think it is seldom that I would describe myself like a princess. Even though sometimes because of how I behave (sometimes only la) that my fren would call me gong zhu, but in that sense of "don't act like u are a gong zhu la" Anyway, the reason I felt like a gong zhu was that I stepped into a pink cab today!!! Image hosting by Photobucket the only pink cab in all the 26000 cabs in Singapore, just like striking lottery, and so as the uncle says And maybe because I have some special affinity with pink that I felt almost breathless, that of being too excited after I stepped into the cab. I didnt expect the cab to stop too, I was hailing the cab behind actually. I seldom have the chance to hail a london cab anyway, let alone a pink one. So anyway I was real surprised when pinkie cab stopped for me. And the cab is so supppper nice can? Wah, I practically felt like I have just stepped into some valentine's or Hollywood (fair enuf cos when u look out of the cab, many ppl were looking at this weird pink cab) cab. the first thing that greeted me was the extremely big interior of the cab (I think I have not stepped into a london cab for like at least 5 years liao. And then not only was the cab big, uncle put a super cute Winnie the Pooh (and frens) carpet thingy. So nice, so colorful! There were bouquets of pink roses that uncle lined at places of the cab, really very nice! Got hearts some more! Image hosting by Photobucket Really nice to have such a thing to bring some happy moments into the now seemingly mundane life of mine.... =) Nightey night~

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I bought this 励志铅笔 yesterday from popular because I promised to reward those of my students who finished their 习字 quickly Image hosting by Photobucket It's called 励志铅笔 not without reason. I wanted to not only get my students gifts but also hopefully something practical. In this case, pencil was good because they can use (I mean pencils are good budget wise when u are buying for around 20 students. Yep, only 20 finished their 习字 quickly), they can be encouraged because bear in mind, these are 励志铅笔, and wats written are Chinese words so they can learn Chinese!!! 一举三得!!! But instead of encouraging them, I found myself getting encouraged first. 吃得苦中苦,方为人上人 胜不骄,败不馁 I think these just reminds me how hardship or trials trains our character, and really those who can stand the test become the best. That really I must remember to not be disheartened when I fall and not to be complacent too when things go smoothly. How beautiful is the Chinese language!??? =))) I reall hope that in time to come, I can prove myself like 疾风知劲草,路遥知马力 And then, my new year resolution can be represented by one of the pencils too! How cool is that? haha 勤能补拙,俭以养廉 haha, dun understand never mind. Anyway, I am just glad that in the midst of hiccups and setbacks that when I dun give up and keep going (with Him) that things fall in place slowly. I am very very encouraged by my Primary twos today. Though this one good brings 2 bads at the same time, but at least better than nothing. haha, shant elaborate. And I just discovered that my school's comp technician is a Christian! How cool!??? I mean, I havent met any Christian since the day I started work. And he is quite cool because he goes to many relief stuffs in a year, like the tsunami etc. How nice? =) Going to teach a Korea Girl Chinese soon. Happy that I did some work today. Hopefully can wake up early enuf tmr to come school to continue "sorting out my stuffs". Pray for me!

My CNY diary

haha, ok la, not really diary cos not super personal. But thot since I have written them, then can post them up 29 January 2006 12:25am We have just "stepped" into chu yi and here I am in the room we always sleep in when we come back to poh poh's house. Outside, I can hear people saying to one another gong hei fatt choi, like how we say Happy New Year when the clock strikes 12 on 1st Jan or Merry Christmas on 25th Dec 12am, kinda countdown thing. There is now constant Cantonese chatter outside the room. Papa and some other uncles are playing mahjong, their favorite activity of CNY; anyway at least for papa, he only plays it that once a year, so why not if they are happy. Mama and the wives of uncles should be (I assume because I'm not outside to see, but usually it is so) sitting beside their husbands commenting on how their husbands' luck are like and with occasional laughter whenever they hit on something that tickles them. Mama just came in to off the lights. She asked me whether I am sleeping already and if I am, she will off the lights. I was lying down and I asked her whether she's going to sleep. Without further asking, she just off the lights, I reckon she feels I am sleep talking, one of those things I often do when she asks me things when I am sleeping. I mean, who answers questions soberly when they are halfway thru sleeping? You will probably think the sound of questioning is part of your dream. Anyway I just finished reading the Confessions of a Shopaholic and I find it hilarious. I imagine myself buying other copies of the series from MPH at Citilink when someday (when??) I go there to buy some stuff. I cant really remember when was the last time I laughed reading a book. The last book I read (or attempted reading) was No Bones and though it stayed in my room for more than a month (and imagine the library fine. Angels and Demons is still with me, I think the fine may have started to reach 30 bucks), I never could really bring myself to read beyond the 2nd chapter, all that about Russian war and all. The last book that made me laugh was the Jemima Jones, I think. By which author again? Oh, Jane Green. Yup, being in high (higher from my usual low these days) in spirits, I decided to come write about my CNY. Anyway, every year, I spend my CNY here in poh poh's house without fail. It's not really a village down here, those that I would imagine when you mention the word “village”. Not straw huts, a well in front of the house and of cos chickens running around, maybe a stray dog too. But poh poh's house is nothing like that though I would not say it's anything near advanced down here. It's like the richer house of the kampong. With nice walls and a few rooms with air con (and others without), tap water (no wells) and basically being big, it's not that run down after all. But of cos it can never be compared to a Singapore home. The “kitchen” is still pretty dirty with a drain full of algae. Not typical kinda kitchen in Singapore but those with basically just an open space and a stove, with of cos stuffs lying around. Poh poh rears chickens too, not running around (though they used to, with ducks, geese and turkeys) but kept inside a coop. And we have two rottweilers which papa bought last year and which have grown to look like bears now. I must say I really dun fancy coming back here for CNY. Other than the many goodies (and shandy) Poh poh stocks up for her grandchildren (and children), this place is really not very appealing to me. It's like trespassing into other people's territory. I feel more like a visitor when I stay in this home than really feel like “coming home”, though to papa it would really be “coming home” since he spent more than ten years of his life living here. Of course back then, this house was really really run down, those which you still shit through a hole down into a drain, mama say there were maggots crawling around if you were brave enough to peer down the hole. Ya, one good thing was also the fire crackers. It really is the highlight of spending your CNY in Malaysia, a more remote part of Malaysia to add, cos in the city you cant go bombing ur crackers everywhere. Yup, it's 1240 soon and I am extremely happy because tomorrow I am going home! It is incredible how gege and I just come and spend like one day here and poom! Next day we are going home! Very happy =))))))))))))) Tomorrow morning, when we wake up, we shall all say gong hei fatt choi. I used to change it to Xin Nian Kuai Le cos I feel as a Christian I shouldn't promote the love of money. but I decided to give that up starting this year because I feel if it makes the elders happy and I dun have more intentions to that, then why not? Anyway its all part of tradition and heritage. I cant wait to get my ang paos! Hehe!!! I wonder how much papa will give me for the bonus which I receive every year ever since I started to help him with his work. I hope I will still receive one this year though I have started working already. And did I mention CNY is really such a good break from work. I slept and slept like nobody’s business and finally I could take a breather and get down planning my work and sorting out stuffs. Now I'm just waiting to go home, I cant wait! *********************** 29 Jan 2006 5:52pm Wow, I am extremely happy now that I am on my way out to Singapore. I am going home, yay! =)))))) Not only that, but tomorrow we are going to have a happy steamboat session at my place, which means tonight I will have fun packing up my room, changing my bed sheets and all, and tomorrow fun preparing the food with my beloved Tianbin. I just had some bee hoon and mee goreng from the train canteen. It's very nice I tell you. Now we are passing by Sekamat station and we saw some houses that are left “abandoned”. Gege says these houses are being built halfway and left there because those construction people have no more money to carry on the project. I normally believe what my family members say to me. Speaking of the canteen, I must say I so dislike making small talks can? Because I was sitting down waiting for my food and another man who was also sitting down (opposite me) waiting for his food started making small talks with me. Wah, I think small talks are pointless and wasting time. I used to like to talk to people, I talk non stop I should say. I used to be somebody super onz and even joined as an Orientation Group Leader in JC to lead the freshmen. And go “North South East West Who's the best” all that kinda nonsense. I think maybe because I am getting old that's why I no longer like making small talks. I am extremely comfortable sitting with somebody and keeping quiet. So after saying some nonsense with the man, I looked out of the window and kept quiet. Speaking of (again) getting old, I think it is so scary seeing my cousins and all getting hitched while I am still "left on the shelf". I wonder when it will be my turn to find my destined one, get married, be happy and have kids kinda thing. Anyway, I am so bored. It's only 6pm and another 2 plus hours to go. I can't wait to go home, to on my comp, check my email, chat on MSN, talk on the phone. Home, here I come!!!!!!!!!!