Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Closing down of this blog

Heylo, I am not stopping t0 blog but because this one, this blog is getting too annoying with all the disability to paragraphed, and I cant be bothered to find out hw to remedy this thg, thus I am moving over. lala http://obliviousbubbles.blogspot.com =)) See ya there

Friday, May 12, 2006


Haha, I have officially messed up my blog. I tried to set up a wordpress one just now and tried importing my posts. I dunno what I did, but now my posts are all in one silly chunk with no paragraphs. What an eyesore. Dun care la, anyway the past is past, I wun bother to read them again at least. Aiyo, go sleep
I am very afraid of feelings like that, that I stay at home in a lazy afternoon, with things to do, but none of which I am interested enuf to lay my hands on. I think it is very true, that when U have been so sian, or tired out from doing things, u no longer wanna do anything more when you have the free time to. Well, at least now I really am not interested to do much. Went out for some shopping yesterday, and I completely enjoyed myself. I bought the Tommy Girl fragrance which I have been wanting for so long. ANd I got it at an uber cheap price. Yay, TOMMY GIRL =)) Also bought a 10 bucks wallet which my fren bought (a similar one) for me for my birthday last year and which the stupid me lost. Bought one more, so am very happy also hehe Of cos thats not all, went KTV and nice (I thought it was going to be nice) dinner at NYDC; and of cos the never missing good talk in a fruitful day. I think NYDC's food is so not nice. Same for Big O. I still prefer normal ones like Swensens, Secret Recipe, Kenny Rogers etc. Even Billy Bombers. Thats about it, going to lavish some Tommy Girl on myself and be happy =) I still havent read any of the books I bought or borrowed and news books are coming in. Money to pay my fine. Aiyo.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

8, 8.30 and 9

I think I have been so used to reaching school at 9 that I find it a chore to waking up at just half an hour earlier to reach school by 830. And can u imagine the torment to reach school at 8? Which means I will have to wake up by 7 and outta home by 730. By of cos which it makes a diff if I take papa's lorry. Hmm.... I am going back to my 魔鬼班 later and I feel so unprepared to see them again. Sigh.... Well, probably just do some bo liao things. Yup, paper marking time again. I do find myself very bo liao at times when I bring back things to mark only to find them untouched. God help me. I think I need to go back to get myself an assessment book after school. So ma fan!!! I hope I get the tuition fee soon.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I wrote this on Sunday but because I couldnt post at home. ********************************* I have been kinda immersing myself with books and shopping lately. The rate that I buy things seem alarming that I still leave some things on my floor unwrapped, and cant be bothered to sort them out. Tianmin and I were musing that day over the places we have "covered" from city hall to bugis to suntec to orchard (the whole stretch); Novena, Chinatown, Bishan and Toa Payoh in a span of over 3 days? We wondered whether we have gone mad. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The famous kolo mee in Chinatown which I finally get to taste. Eh, not very nice lei.... Anyways, I caught MI3 yesterday. Not very nice though. It wun be my top recommendation. Yup, books. I finally received my Da Vinci Code the Special Illustrated Version from the library. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I think it took near one year for this reservation item to arrive at my door. Anyhows, I thought it's nice to always have pictures in, Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting especially with such books. I read angels and Demons, the special whatever illustrated version too. It was nice =) ANd I think Dan Brown certainly writes well. But dangerously, the line can be easily crossed to believe what a MAN says to u thru his books instead that from the word of God. While collecting my that book, I took the chance to borrow some other books as well. Borrowed some of this author's Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 张小娴 I dunno la, I heard of her before so I borrowed her books. I'm not sure (yet) that her books are good to read. Maybe not, I'd feel, too much on love and criticising men and asking women to not be weak and stand up for themselves kinda book. I just read a few pages actually. This what she wrote about herself. 她相信承诺,喜欢一切美好的东西:漂亮的衣服、美丽的食物、男人的诺言。 她找寻幸福,然后发现,失望,有时候也是一种幸福。因为有所期待,才会失望。 遗憾,也是一种幸福。因为还有令你遗憾的事情。 她追寻爱情,然后发现,爱,从来就是一件千回百转的事。 One of her stories I found from the net Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I also bought two books from popular Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 鲁迅 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 朱自清!!!! Haha, I am so proud of myself because I really am trying to read Chinese books. It will make me more 有墨水, so I am pleased. ********************* It ends here. I am going to sleep le la..... I mean go tuition le la

Phew, another day over

Just finished the very "exciting" (it's actually really exciting la in my point of view) 共改 of the Chinese exam scripts. And SUDDENLY the sky became as dark as like.... mmm soot? It's really very black can? I am very afraid of such things. All the teachers have ciao, left me, because I have tuition later, I dun really feel like leaving now. There is the risk that it will pour like nobody's business and thus really risky for me to walk in it with the scripts, but still I dun like to rush, besides, it's really still early for me to leave for tuition. I found this at some blogger's page just now and thot it's one of those more interesting ones, so there I AM: an extremely ordinary person I WANT: to go travelling!!! I WISH: I can not work and still have money (aiyo!) I HATE: the sins of men (because I seem to love them also, thus I hate their presence) I MISS: school days I FEAR: losing my loved ones for eternity I HEAR: variations on Pachelbels Canon in D by Jeffrey Michael, the ticking of my desk clock and the announcement that assembly will be held in hall I WONDER: when (or how) can I live a life that God is pleased with (and which I will be pleased with too) I REGRET: not working hard in my NUS days I AM NOT: a good person I DANCE: ??? the last time I REALLY dance was when I was in JC. 7 years ago I SING: ALL THE TIME =) I CRY: when things get overwhelming (both good and bad things) I AM NOT ALWAYS: happy I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: gifts, to those I love I WRITE: rubbish I CONFUSE: myself when I dun depend on God I NEED: someone who is reliable and strong (mentally and spiritually) I SHOULD: really exercise more I START: the race I FINISH: the race I LOVE: God (not wholeheartedly though I should say, still trying hard) I REMEMBER: what mama and papa say about life.

Friday, May 05, 2006

你说你爱了不该爱的人 你的心中满是伤痕 你说你犯了不该犯的错 心中满是悔恨 你说你尝尽了生活的苦 找不到可以相信的人 你说你感到万分沮丧 甚至开始怀疑人生 早知道伤心总是难免的 你又何苦一往情深 因为爱情总是难舍难分 何必在意那一点点温存 早知道伤心总是难免的 在每一个梦醒时分 有些事情你现在不必问 有些人你永远不必等 This song kinda rang in my mind from yesterday till now so just type it out la 。。。。。。。。。。。。 Going for an interview later. Haiz... do feel very tired. Just wanna quickly get over and done with it. Still muz prepare. Cannot go for anything without preparing. That will be too bad. God, help me.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Ok, just a bit more and I will be in the "trance mood", and so I call it, the kinda state you are in when you are really tired. I dunno what I am doing now seriously. I cant make up my mind whether to go home or not, because I am lugging a luggage full of books. Carrying the "luggage" to tuition is near madness, but seriously I am considering doing that now. Because for one, it is too late now to bring the luggage home unless I go in and immediately go off for tuition or if not, I reach my house's bus stop, I ask my cousins to come down and help me bring back home. But I think that is too ma fan. Right, save the trouble, bring the luggage to tuition. Just a lil bit more trouble thats all. Ok, I am talking to myself already. I am REALLy tired ok? Like REALLY tired. I was supposed to feel glad that tomorrow I can go home early or at least go out with my colleagues but because of a last min interview....... Well, at least the interview is a good thing that happened. But like that I will have to spend on cab fare =( And I have to call a cab as well since it may not be that safe to wait for a cab when its such an impt interview. And then I still MAY need to take cab back to teach tuition. hmmm.. this is madness.... I dunno la.... I am tired. I dun wan spend money. I want to sleep but I have lots more to do. When will all these end? =) Pls let it end soon

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Happily, one day's over~

=) One day just over like that. Pri 3 had exam. Pri 5 not taught by me (I will always be the kay-lai-feh) and P2 went outing. How happy can I get? =) Ya la, there's work to do, but nothing beats having no need to go to class and act like a nanny. I'm happy cos I'm going out later too =) Buy things time again! And... I have been enjoying myself lots these few days with non stop going out and very fruitful talks.

Monday Booooooooos

It's Monday and I am very normal like the rest, I have those Bluessss as well or Boooooos or wadeva u call that. Wanted to wake up at 6 to mark books, get pretty or anything like that, most importantly take papa's car to work cos I will be carrying a luggage. literally one, to school later. Cos I have too many books to carry and I thought a pulling kinda luggage will serve me best. I bought mine at Mustafa at 35 dollars, very pretty =) So anyway, I later woke up at 7.40 when I thought I set my alarm at 7.07 already. It didnt rang. One of those faithful times. Papa went off le. Guess I would take a cab den. Funny to be lugging such a kinda luggage and be squeezing with the morning crowd. Just popped by my "this fren's" blog, and he finally updated haha But a bit demoralizing ah his post "its been a long time yet again ive really been up to my nose in work have many things to write and say, but am too lazy to write also, i think all my inspiration to write has been burnt off by my hectic work schedule" How sad~ We all teachers will always be like that? Hmmm.... I really hope to meet him back *grinz* he is such a good guy, I wonder why is he not married, or rather not even attached yet. SO good a guy~~ Off to work soon le lo