Thursday, May 04, 2006


Ok, just a bit more and I will be in the "trance mood", and so I call it, the kinda state you are in when you are really tired. I dunno what I am doing now seriously. I cant make up my mind whether to go home or not, because I am lugging a luggage full of books. Carrying the "luggage" to tuition is near madness, but seriously I am considering doing that now. Because for one, it is too late now to bring the luggage home unless I go in and immediately go off for tuition or if not, I reach my house's bus stop, I ask my cousins to come down and help me bring back home. But I think that is too ma fan. Right, save the trouble, bring the luggage to tuition. Just a lil bit more trouble thats all. Ok, I am talking to myself already. I am REALLy tired ok? Like REALLY tired. I was supposed to feel glad that tomorrow I can go home early or at least go out with my colleagues but because of a last min interview....... Well, at least the interview is a good thing that happened. But like that I will have to spend on cab fare =( And I have to call a cab as well since it may not be that safe to wait for a cab when its such an impt interview. And then I still MAY need to take cab back to teach tuition. hmmm.. this is madness.... I dunno la.... I am tired. I dun wan spend money. I want to sleep but I have lots more to do. When will all these end? =) Pls let it end soon


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