Friday, May 12, 2006

I am very afraid of feelings like that, that I stay at home in a lazy afternoon, with things to do, but none of which I am interested enuf to lay my hands on. I think it is very true, that when U have been so sian, or tired out from doing things, u no longer wanna do anything more when you have the free time to. Well, at least now I really am not interested to do much. Went out for some shopping yesterday, and I completely enjoyed myself. I bought the Tommy Girl fragrance which I have been wanting for so long. ANd I got it at an uber cheap price. Yay, TOMMY GIRL =)) Also bought a 10 bucks wallet which my fren bought (a similar one) for me for my birthday last year and which the stupid me lost. Bought one more, so am very happy also hehe Of cos thats not all, went KTV and nice (I thought it was going to be nice) dinner at NYDC; and of cos the never missing good talk in a fruitful day. I think NYDC's food is so not nice. Same for Big O. I still prefer normal ones like Swensens, Secret Recipe, Kenny Rogers etc. Even Billy Bombers. Thats about it, going to lavish some Tommy Girl on myself and be happy =) I still havent read any of the books I bought or borrowed and news books are coming in. Money to pay my fine. Aiyo.


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