Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Monday Booooooooos

It's Monday and I am very normal like the rest, I have those Bluessss as well or Boooooos or wadeva u call that. Wanted to wake up at 6 to mark books, get pretty or anything like that, most importantly take papa's car to work cos I will be carrying a luggage. literally one, to school later. Cos I have too many books to carry and I thought a pulling kinda luggage will serve me best. I bought mine at Mustafa at 35 dollars, very pretty =) So anyway, I later woke up at 7.40 when I thought I set my alarm at 7.07 already. It didnt rang. One of those faithful times. Papa went off le. Guess I would take a cab den. Funny to be lugging such a kinda luggage and be squeezing with the morning crowd. Just popped by my "this fren's" blog, and he finally updated haha But a bit demoralizing ah his post "its been a long time yet again ive really been up to my nose in work have many things to write and say, but am too lazy to write also, i think all my inspiration to write has been burnt off by my hectic work schedule" How sad~ We all teachers will always be like that? Hmmm.... I really hope to meet him back *grinz* he is such a good guy, I wonder why is he not married, or rather not even attached yet. SO good a guy~~ Off to work soon le lo


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