Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Phew, another day over

Just finished the very "exciting" (it's actually really exciting la in my point of view) 共改 of the Chinese exam scripts. And SUDDENLY the sky became as dark as like.... mmm soot? It's really very black can? I am very afraid of such things. All the teachers have ciao, left me, because I have tuition later, I dun really feel like leaving now. There is the risk that it will pour like nobody's business and thus really risky for me to walk in it with the scripts, but still I dun like to rush, besides, it's really still early for me to leave for tuition. I found this at some blogger's page just now and thot it's one of those more interesting ones, so there I AM: an extremely ordinary person I WANT: to go travelling!!! I WISH: I can not work and still have money (aiyo!) I HATE: the sins of men (because I seem to love them also, thus I hate their presence) I MISS: school days I FEAR: losing my loved ones for eternity I HEAR: variations on Pachelbels Canon in D by Jeffrey Michael, the ticking of my desk clock and the announcement that assembly will be held in hall I WONDER: when (or how) can I live a life that God is pleased with (and which I will be pleased with too) I REGRET: not working hard in my NUS days I AM NOT: a good person I DANCE: ??? the last time I REALLY dance was when I was in JC. 7 years ago I SING: ALL THE TIME =) I CRY: when things get overwhelming (both good and bad things) I AM NOT ALWAYS: happy I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: gifts, to those I love I WRITE: rubbish I CONFUSE: myself when I dun depend on God I NEED: someone who is reliable and strong (mentally and spiritually) I SHOULD: really exercise more I START: the race I FINISH: the race I LOVE: God (not wholeheartedly though I should say, still trying hard) I REMEMBER: what mama and papa say about life.


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